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Congratulations, Nadra!

TBP Contributing Writer Nadra Enzi (Cap Black) was recently recognized as one of Newsmax's "100 Most Influential Black Republicans." Nadra has contributed to The Bold Pursuit since January 2013, sharing his bold and unique perspectives with our visitors. He is an anti-crime, safety-rights activist, speaker and blogger: CapBlackIsHere

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Poems of Shylock

The Bold Pursuit is pleased to recommend Hartley Atkins' latest book, Poems of Shylock, is in all stores now. You may also purchase it at the following online stores - just click on the links: iUniverse bookstore, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

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    MSNBC - "Leans Forward," Topples


    Real v Fake Headlines: Obamacare Site Snafus 

    Real Headline:

    Obamacare network vulnerable to cyber attack. The software for Obama-Care was written, in part, by a state-controlled agency of Belarus, a pro-Russian, anti-American government. US Intelligence agencies are warning HHS that the software may contain malicious programs that will enhance the ability of Russia to infiltrate US government computers and put our enemies in possession of vital, sensitive information. One might well ask, who thought hiring Belarussian programmers was a good idea?

    Fake Headline:

    Obama promises to get to the bottom of this, and hold accountable those responsible
    . “Effective immediately,” he said, “I have ordered the KGB to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation.”

    Robert Arvay, Contributibg Writer



    War and Peace, Freedom and Tyranny

    by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

    When I was a child, I asked a childish question. Why do people obey the government? After all, the people outside of government outnumber those inside the government. How can so few people force so many people to obey them?

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    Senate's Frantic Distraction Efforts in Snowden Affair

    by Don Hank, Guest Contributor to The Bold Pursuit

    They're doing damage control again.

    Instead of giving you the big news, linked here:

    ... the media and U.S. officials give you this:

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    When "Fairness" Replaces "Freedom,

    by Joseph Beverly, Guest Contributor

    When "fairness" replaces "freedom," all our liberties are in danger. "Fairness" is strictly in the eye of the beholder. Who decides?

    This classic article by Dr. Milton Friedman, the winner of the 1976 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science, originally appeared in the July 4, 1977 issue of Newsweek and in other leading publications. It concisely explains the extreme danger of replacing the pursuit of “freedom” with the pursuit of “fairness.” The important distinction of these two values is enormous and was clearly understood by America’s Founders. Unfortunately, the de facto Marxist/Socialist/Leftists have been gradually moving uninformed public opinion in the wrong direction — promoting the high-minded goals of "fairness," "justice," and "equality" — which will only serve to diminish America’s freedom. . . The American experiment in government of a free people is based solidly on the principle of individual freedom. Americans should not be mislead by the Leftist advocates’ of “fairness.” Take a couple minutes to read Friedman’s keen explanation of the “freedom” vs. “fairness” argument. – WAP 8-1-11

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