Cap Black is Here! Media Appearances

Cap Black interviews talk host and political commentator Jeff Crouere, today, Jan. 21, on New Orleans WSHO AM 800. Tune in 4pm Central/5pm ET: Topic: the Role of Faith In Politics and Public Safety

Cap Black, aka Nadra Enzi, is a Contributor to The Bold Pursuit, anti-crime and safety-rights activist.

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    In Which Form of Government Does Barack Obama Believe?

    by Jim Mullen

    In which philosophical form of government does Barack Obama believe? That has been one of the ongoing debates since he burst upon the national political scene a scant four years ago. Jim Mullen

    Political observers noted he was the most liberal member of the United States Senate, and many believed he was a radical left-wing zealot if not an ideological revolutionary. The terms socialist, progressive, and Marxist were generally thrown about to describe the eloquent, little-known Obama as his unlikely quest for the presidency unfolded.

    After three years in office, it is evident to all but his most ardent supporters that the President of the United States is a strident Marxist. His forceful policies, actions, and thunderous attacks on freedom are straight from the writings of Karl Marx. The evils of Capitalism, state control of business, redistributive change to achieve social justice, and the diminishing of personal, economic and property rights are among the daily rants from Obama and his administration.

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    How to Find a President? The Road Map from the Founders

    by Hartley Atkins

    It is possible that in second-guessing the Founding Fathers, that offers insights into their imagination,Hartley Atkins thinking, their common sense and their intent which is really, their wisdom.

    Our Founders envisioned America as a political unity, with a Federal Government presiding over all of the separate States. Each state retains control of its own internal affairs. America is a Republic – our President is the Executive of the Federal Government and Governors, the Executives of States. Our State Governments are fashioned as replicas of the Federal Government. Ergo, the Governors of the States are technically, potential Presidents in training.

    With such a fantastic road map from our Founders, why are Americans allowing themselves to be led off course by Liberals and Libertarians who would want us to elect substandard candidates, even community organizers and people who never held political office, etc. as President?

    It is not too late to restore America, my countrymen! How do we find our next president? Let’s go to the road map from our Founders, come to our senses and pick the Governor to lead us and carry out the duties of office.

    Call me an ol' troglodyte, if you want, that is my opinion.


    Church of Obama

    Noel Alcoba,


    'Occupy' Trophy Room

    Noel Alcoba,



    "Get This Straight, Barry

    Photos, captions are courtesy of our friends at

    Captioned by Barefoot Paulette


    A "Happiness Tax"? 

    Because we need a few laughs to break the tension today, enjoy the following from our friends at

    Captioned by Richard


    Barack-in-a-Box: Campaign Strategy #1

    Noel Alcoba,


    Romney Routs Gingrich in Florida Primary

    In an historic win, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney triumphed over his opponents former Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Senator Rick Santorum (PA) and Rep. Ron Paul (TX) in Florida’s Republican Primary yesterday.

    Gov. Romney decisively won the contest with over 750,000 votes – more than other GOP presidential candidate in the primary’s history, giving him a lead of 46% to Gingrich, who followed in second place with 32%; Rick Santorum 13% and Ron Paul, at 7%, placing third and fourth, respectively.

    In his victory speech in Tampa, the site of the upcoming Republican Convention, Gov. Romney positioned himself as the potential nominee and made it clear he was taking the fight to Barack Obama and his failure as a leader and job creator:

    "Mr. President –you were elected to lead, you chose to follow, and now it's time for you to get out of the way," he declared to his supporters, who chanted “Mitt, Mitt, Mitt!”

    Noting the acrimonious campaign atmosphere in the Sunshine State contest, Gov. Romney said, "A competitive primary does not divide us," he said. "It prepares us. And we will win.”

     "Everyone is starting to believe Romney is the person who can beat the president and go on to turn the economy around."

    "They look at Mitt Romney and see someone who can win," said state Rep. Will Weatherford, a Republican and Romney supporter who represents the bellwether of Pasco County, just north of Tampa. (Wall St. Journal Online

    Former Speaker Gingrich, in spite of a significant loss in Florida, continued to lambast the Romney campaign for outspending the speaker in campaign advertising. Promising he will use “people power” instead of “money power” to win the nomination.

    "It is now clear that this will be a two-person race between the conservative leader Newt Gingrich and the Massachusetts moderate," the former House speaker said, who concluded his remarks with a line from the Declaration of Independence:  "I promise you that, if I become your president, I pledge to you my life, my fortune, my sacred honor.”

    Charles Krauthammer of Fox News commented on that reference, “But the people who signed that document, whose names were under it, had they not succeed, they would have been hanged. If Newt doesn’t succeed, he returns to K Street.”

    In spite of Speaker Gingrich and Sarah Palin's grumblings that the opposition had an unfair monetary advantage, Gov. Romney should not be faulted for having a superior organization and preparation for the primary. Clearly, the campaign was effective with Florida voters:

    “Preliminary exit polls found that Republican voters were heavily influenced by the debates and campaign ads that dominated the Florida airwaves for weeks. As in Iowa and South Carolina, voters were looking for the candidate who has the best chance to defeat President Obama.” (ABC News)

    All four GOP candidates pledge to go the distance for the nomination. Next up: the Nevada caucus on February 4.

    The Bold Pursuit is pleased to endorse former Governor Mitt Romney as the nominee for President of the United States.


    Gingrich – Debater Extraordinaire, but Still a Conundrum for Floridian Primary Voters

    by Hartley AtkinsHartley Atkins

    Firstly, there is public record that Gingrich was charged with ethics violations and had to pay $300,000 as a penalty for legal cost, not a fine. Semantics?

    Secondly, Santorum had said as much about it in the last South Carolina debate as Romney did in the Florida's Monday night's debate and Ron Paul corroborated that he had to leave the Speakership because he didn't have the votes, the support of his peers.

    Thirdly, when Romney accused him of being hired by the chief lobbyist at Freddie Mac and that he wasn't paid fees as a historian, Gingrich's recently published contract with them backed up Romney's claim. And Gingrich himself didn't refute Romney's claim on that particular issue on Monday night.

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    MSM Mind-Numbing of Americans - A Success Story!

    Noel Alcoba,


    The Cure for Our Deficit Ailment: Kevin Brady’s MAP Act

    Recently, I was preparing to go on national television to discuss our nation’s continued expansion of government and the spending machine in Washington, D.C. The producer of the show asked me, “George, what can you recommend specifically that we can do today to make things better?” TheGeorge R. Jarkesy, Jr., Chairman, Eagles and Angels Association, CEO, Jarkesy & Co. first thought I had was the Maximizing America’s Prosperity Act, proposed by United States Representative Kevin Brady (R) from Texas. 

    The root of our problems lies with a system where no one is specifically to blame, and because the culprit cannot be cornered and dealt with, the machine gets bigger. Every legislator, one way or another, becomes a part of this engine. The very job of a good legislator has evolved to bring home the money from the federal ATM to their state. 

    I don’t blame the legislators as much as the system’s design. It was never intended that the states would be begging the federal government for their share of the “handout”. Incentive programs do work, and we have a system that incentivizes excessive spending – “I will back your bridge to nowhere and in return you will support my, non-economically viable, green project.” The amount of debt and future liabilities is staggering and unsustainable. It’s estimated that by the end of this decade, annual government spending will be 90% of GDP. 

    If you love this country and our republic, the deconstruction of the Washington spending machine has to be our number one priority as a Nation. The MAP Act is a great start in that direction. To begin and really explain the Act, I want you to imagine a system where government agencies have to justify their existence, presenting their own analysis and data to support their argument to an independent Sunset Commission. Each agency is given a specific sunset date to ensure continued relevance to the needs of our nation. The commission researches and reviews each agency and makes a recommendation to continue, modify, merge, or abolish agency. Upon the sunset date it will be abolished unless the legislature passes legislation allowing it to continue. This may sound unrealistic – but it’s a plan that has actually served Texas well and has recently passed in Minnesota.

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    This Must Be Our Year to Stop the Onslaught

    by Jim Mullen

    This could be the most decisive year in the history of the United States. The American people will determine our standing as the leader of the free world and redefine our struggle for independence from a repressive federal government now entrenched in Washington. Will we become subjects of power-hungry corrupt politicians, or regain control of our government and live our lives as the Constitution and founders intended? The answer to the November election question will determine our fate.

    Our national security and the safety of our citizenry are in the hands of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. This administration has no concept of how to achieve an honorable peace through strength. Obama, the “apologist,” is a weak, naïve, inexperienced joke in the international theater. Ceding U.S. power to the United Nations and NATO is his concept of foreign policy. Obama’s penchant for treating foreign terrorists as common criminals and a Congress that decades ago abdicated its responsibilities of war, peace and border security, leaves our country at the door of destruction. We have a country sinking into an abyss that may never again rise to world prominence or enjoy the national security that we have long taken for granted. Americans are no longer secure within our own borders, and our leaders are doing nothing to remedy the circumstances. Rather, they do everything in a reactive, politically-correct manner that causes greater damage. The President writes his own laws while Congress shrugs with indifference.

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