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The Bold Pursuit is pleased to recommend Hartley Atkins' latest book, Poems of Shylock, is in all stores now. You may also purchase it at the following online stores - just click on the links: iUniverse bookstore, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

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    The Bold Pursuit®, a conservative news and commentary site, offers intelligent and thoughtful perspectives through five separate blog pages. TBP strives to inspire respectful interaction and welcomes diverse points of view.

    Our mission is to "Inform and Involve" via our forums for political coverage and commentary. We also hope to motivate and support efforts to encourage citizen involvement in our local and national leadership. We support our Constitution, as written and in its entirety. ~ Clio

    "I was Bold in the Pursuit of Knowledge, never fearing to follow Truth and Reason to whatever results they led, and bearding every authority which stood in their way." Thomas Jefferson


    Campaign 2012 Update: Romney Wins Iowa Caucus

    Governor Mitt Romney won last night’s Iowa caucus by eight votes – the narrowest victory in its history. Former Senator Rick Santorum (PA) placed second and Congressman Ron Paul (TX) placed third in the first contest for the 2012 presidential nomination.

    Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN) ended her bid for the nomination today after a disappointing sixth place finish in last night’s caucus, stating “I have decided to stand aside ... I will not be continuing in this race for the presidency." 

    She urged Republicans to “… rally around the person that our country and our party and our people select to be that standard bearer” at a news conference in Des Moines.

    Bachmann is not the first defection from the field of Republican hopefuls: businessman Herman Cain suspended his campaign on December 3, 2011 amid allegations of sexual improprieties. Cain denied all accusations, but still decided to conclude his run for the presidential nomination “… because of the continued distraction, the continued hurt caused on me and my family.”

    Texas Governor Rick Perry took fifth place, after former Newt Gingrich, in yesterday’s caucus. After the late night results were announced, Perry stated that he was going “reassess” his campaign, leading many to conclude he intended to leave the Republican race for the nomination. This morning, Perry declared his intention to continue his campaign via Twitter: “And the next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto State … Here we come South Carolina!!!

    The first Republican primary is set for next Tuesday, January 10, in New Hampshire. Governor Romney received an endorsement from his 2008 rival, Arizona Senator John McCain, this morning in Manchester, New Hampshire, stating “I am really here for one reason and one reason only, and that is to make sure that we make Mitt Romney the next president of the United States of America.”

    Senator McCain joins other high profile politicos endorsing Romney, including Governor Chris Christie, Senator Elizabeth Dole and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. Former President George H.W. Bush announced his unofficial endorsement of the former Massachusetts governor last month.


    The Bold Pursuit Wishes Our Readers a Happy New Year!



    "Out with the Old ... In with the New"

    Noel Alcoba, www.righthandedcartoons.blogspot.com


    Reasons for Disparity ... Cesspools of Liberalism

    Liberals are a motley crew, but the DNA strand connecting most of them is an overpowering, almost obsessive-compulsive drive to make everything line up, balance, and come out even. 

    Obsessed with rearranging, realigning, and controlling the natural order of everything and everyone on Earth to fit the perfect liberal-progressive model, they quickly find disillusionment. Their cockamamieJim Mullen ideas meet with scorn and ridicule in the real world of reason and common sense. While a very high percentage of conservatives are actually grownup liberals who found truth and reason accompanied their years, most liberals find peace and tranquility in a make-believe world. 

    Frustrated by their inability to manipulate the behavior of others, yet having an uncontrollable fixation to make everything “equitable,” liberals learned long ago to harness the power of government. 

    They feel a self-aggrandizing compassion to empower government to create - not an equal playing field - but equal results. “Social justice” and balance (redistribution) among all people, classes, and “things,” are staples in every liberal pantry. 

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    Prayer Within A Festive Christmas

    by Kara L. Kraemer

    Wakened shadows of bright lights glow from within my heart,

    To feel the beating ember of hope, resolute and stalwart.

    There amidst the clamor of Christmas bells, I know

    Glory and honor due to You this season will flow

    Even up into the heavens.

    A silent prayer within me swells,

    Alight with thanksgiving that dwells

    For always within for the Son whose name we praise

    And celebrate with peace and love on holy days

    Throughout all the earth.

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    My Family Christmas Carol ...

    by Genevieve, Senior Advisor and Editor

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and… 

    Bet you expected me to recite one of our favorite Christmas poems. I love it, too; but, would like to share my own Christmas story (not a poem, however, since I don’t understand iambic pentameter and all that poetic type stuff.) I’ll just relate my recollection of my childhood Christmases in basic English. (At least you don’t have to be multilingual to interpret my tale. 

    Since I’m rarely ever politically correct, you most likely will find some gaffes as you read along. I can’t apologize for being an ordinary, everyday American citizen in this extraordinary country for longer than I like to admit. As a reference point in the continuum of my life, I will confess to almost 69 years on this planet. 

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    Chag Urim Sameach 


    Wrong Drone ...

    Noel Alcoba, www.righthandedcartoons.blogspot.com


    Constitution Lost, Freedom Ignored…

    Every year, the US Senate passes a bill to authorize appropriations for the Department of Defense and its military programs across all branches. Some of these bills include controversial provisions or unrelated amendments that prevent unanimity in their approval, such as the 2010 bill that extendedGeorge R. Jarkesy, Jr., Chairman, Eagles and Angels Association, CEO, Jarkesy & Co. unemployment benefits. However, this year’s bill, S.B. 1867, adds provisions that allow the indefinite imprisonment of all accused terrorists, even American citizens! Read that carefully: the indefinite imprisonment, not of those tried and convicted of terrorism, but merely those accused. How can the United States claim the moral high ground of promoting democracy and liberty, when we pass a law taking away one of the most fundamental rights that our citizens enjoy under the protection of our constitution? 

    The relevant section of the bill falls under Subtitle D, Section 1031, which grants the President the authority "to detain covered persons,” defined as those who aided in the 9/11 attacks, or aided hostile forces such as Al Qaeda or the Taliban. Plausible enough, but the detaining allows for “detention under the law of war without trial.” This leads to a tautology – a mere accusation brands you as a terrorist, and no trial is needed to prove or disprove this, just Presidential fiat, EVEN FOR AMERICAN CITIZENS! This detention lasts “until the end of hostilities,” which presumably will occur when terrorism and terrorist acts cease to exist. Does anyone know when terrorism will end? 

    More so than my disappointment in Congress, I’m disappointed in the Obama administration for its response to the bill - not a condemnation of overreach and the abrogation of American rights, but a condemnation of the constraints placed on the Presidency to detain American citizens without cause or trial. The United States Constitution sets the standard for prosecuting treason in Article 3, requiring two witnesses or a sworn testimony. This bill only requires an accusation, nothing more. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to muster much outrage, when these acts have been US policy for a decade; S.B. 1867 merely codifies it. Any opponents of unchecked executive power should remain wary. To outright retire our protection of freedom in the name security is more than unconstitutional; it’s a step down a very slippery slope. 

    Reprinted with permission:


    To read more articles by George R. Jarkesy visit www.jarkesy.com 

    To learn about the National Eagles and Angels Association and NEAA Venture Research visit www.eagleandangel.com and www.neaaventure.com


    GOP Primary 'Prom' Dates ...

    Noel Alcoba, www.righthandedcartoons.blogspot.com


    "Barack Obama's Big Book of Fairy Tales"

    by Jim Mullen

    Barack Obama is either living in his own little fantasy world or trying to lull Americans to sleep by reading from his liberal-progressive, “Big Book of Fairy Tales.”

    Nothing approaching reality could explain the litany of inconsistent, unimaginable policies and statements coming from this President. Unless, of course, it is a deliberate willingness to deceive theJim Mullen American people and outright lie to gain a political advantage. By diverting attention from the worst economy since the Great Depression and apparently the most inept leadership in modern times, he hopes to have four more years to complete the installation of his radical Marxist agenda.

    If this President lived in the real world or had any honest intentions for the nation, he should spend the next year explaining his first three years of bizarre behavior. Routinely, he bypasses Congress and rules this country by executive order, then delegates this usurped power to government bureaucrats. One must wonder; is he truly as inept as he appears or is it part of his long-range planning to collapse the system and place himself in a position to wield powers that are even more dictatorial?

    Consider the following synopsis of his reign:

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    Dear Santa ... The Media's Holiday Wish List

    Noel Alcoba, www.righthandedcartoons.blogspot.com