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    Following the success of Dominatus, D.W. Ulsterman offers readers "Tumultus," an epic tale of survival in the shadow of the global domination that is the New United Nations.  Available now at Amazon

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    The Bold Pursuit is pleased to recommend Hartley Atkins' latest book, Poems of Shylock, is in all stores now. You may also purchase it at the following online stores - just click on the links: iUniverse bookstore, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

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      When I Told John Boehner ...

      Courtesy, www.lmaobama.com


      I Told You So, Again ...

      Obama’s Libya:

      I don’t mind one bit saying “I told you so” to all those — particularly journalists – who ignored my objective, fact-supported arguments against Western military and foreign policy in the Middle East and wound up with egg on their face as a result. (I have been trying to revive the nearly-lost scientific method and apply it to journalism, which has become nothing but a series of propaganda mills. So far, there seem to be no takers).

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      Obama's Big Black Luxury Bus v. The People's (Out of Cash) Clunkers

      ... Says it all, doesn't it?

      Noel Alcoba, www.righthandedcartoons.blogspot.com


      Thank You Iowa!

      A week later we are still remembering all the great patriotic Iowans we met at the state fair. We are also still trying to work off that delicious fried butter on a stick and red velvet funnel cake. I look forward to being back in Iowa in Indianola on September 3rd. Enjoy SarahPAC's latest video and thank you Iowa!

      - Sarah Palin



      As published at SarahPAC: Thank You Iowa!



      Due to Budget Cuts ...

      Photo courtesy of our friends at LMAObama.com and caption, MrB


      San Francisco Liberals Dishonor U.S. Military, Show Compassion for Convicts

      by Jim Mullen

      In 2005, San Francisco announced its desire to make its little Utopia by the bay a military-free zone, and erase the military’s presence altogether. San Francisco’s vile contempt for the military is legendary and, at times, dangerously close to treasonous. The city moved from harassing military recruiters to violently shutting down job fairs and anything that included military recruiters on college campuses and elsewhere. Impeding recruitment into any branch of the United States Armed Forces, and railing against all things military became the focal point of the radical leftists’ groups. The city's Board of Supervisors even voted maliciously against docking the WWII/Korean War-era USS Iowa as a floating museum at the Port of San Francisco.

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      Obama: Can't Shift Blame and Drive at the Same Time

      Noel Alcoba, www.righthandedcartoons.blogspot.com


      Conquering the Storm

      Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:

      In the coming days we’ll sort through the repercussions of S&P’s downgrade of our credit rating, including concerns about the impact a potential interest rate increase would have on our ability to service our suffocating $14.5 trillion debt.

      I’m surprised that so many people seem surprised by S&P’s decision. Weren’t people paying attention over the last year or so when we were getting warning after warning from various credit rating agencies that this was coming? I’ve been writing and speaking about it myself for quite some time.

      Back in December 2010, I wrote: “If the European debt crisis teaches us anything, it’s that tomorrow always comes. Sooner or later, the markets will expect us to settle the bill for the enormous Obama-Pelosi-Reid spending binge. We’ve already been warned by the credit ratings agency Moody’s that unless we get serious about reducing our deficit, we may face a downgrade of our credit rating.” And again in January, in response to President Obama’s State of the Union address I wrote: “With credit ratings agency Moody’s warning us that the federal government must reverse the rapid growth of national debt or face losing our triple-A rating, keep in mind that a nation doesn’t look so ‘great’ when its credit rating is in tatters.”

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      "U.S. Debt: $14 Trillion. Obama's Birthday Fundraisers: $3.6 Million... 

      ... Your Future: Worthless" 

      Courtesy, Noel Alcoba, www.righthandedcartoons.blogspot.com


      "Debt Ceiling Crisis Manufactured by Obama"

      by Jim Mullen

      The Obama administration and their socialist allies in Congress have officially run out of other peoples’ money; now, they want yours.

      Liberals believe that issues of income, wealth, and taxation are zero-sum games. If one keeps one’s own dollar, someone else is losing a dollar. Likewise, they conclude that for every dollar a productive American earns and selfishly keeps for one’s own benefit, it costs the government a dollar and thus wreaks havoc with an unproductive person. Therefore, it is incumbent upon a wise and benevolent government to determine how to distribute wealth and income fairly among the masses.

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      The Blame Battleground ... 2012

      Courtesy: Noel Alcoba, www.righthandedcartoons.blogspot.com


      The Veto: Taking Care of Business, Obama-Style

      Noel Alcoba, www.righthandedcartoons.blogspot.com