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Our mission is to provide an environment for political coverage and commentary, as well as motivate and support efforts to protect our country, our Constitution and its citizens. ~ Clio

Erik Rush "Full Contact"


Following the success of Dominatus, D.W. Ulsterman offers readers "Tumultus," an epic tale of survival in the shadow of the global domination that is the New United Nations.  Available now at Amazon

Poems of Shylock

The Bold Pursuit is pleased to recommend Hartley Atkins' latest book, Poems of Shylock, is in all stores now. You may also purchase it at the following online stores - just click on the links: iUniverse bookstore, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

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    TBP Praiseworthy: “The End of Labor Unions in America,” “When Americans Come Knocking,” “Toxic Rhetoric …” and “A False Premise of Leadership”

    The Bold Pursuit is pleased to showcase some of our most recent articles, including today’s JWT’s Journal column, “The End of Labor Unions in America,” Part Four of “The Deliberate Destruction of the Middle Class.”

    In Patriotic Perspectives, we have a new blog from one the first TBP guest bloggers, our conservative Canadian friend, Northern Neighbour. Northern Neighbour’s unique perspective as an objective observer, as well as one who has experienced the socialist experiments under former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau provides valuable insight into our current political landscape. Please check out “When Americans Come Knocking…”

    Rep. Gabrielle Giffords continues to improve after being shot during a deadly assault at an open-air town hall meeting in Tucson. However, the politicians and pundits are still taking potshots at each other, as noted in a feature by Clio. “Toxic Rhetoric Trumps Tucson Attacks: Liberals Take Aim at Palin, Tea Parties…”

    You'll also enjoy another edgy and provocative article by Sandy Stringfellow, a frequent contributor to The Bold Pursuit: "A False Premise of Leadership"

    The Bold Pursuit welcomes your comments about our articles and blogs!

    ~ Clio

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