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Cap Black interviews talk host and political commentator Jeff Crouere, today, Jan. 21, on New Orleans WSHO AM 800. Tune in 4pm Central/5pm ET: Topic: the Role of Faith In Politics and Public Safety

Cap Black, aka Nadra Enzi, is a Contributor to The Bold Pursuit, anti-crime and safety-rights activist.

Erik Rush "Full Contact"

Poems of Shylock

The Bold Pursuit is pleased to recommend Hartley Atkins' latest book, Poems of Shylock, is in all stores now. You may also purchase it at the following online stores - just click on the links: iUniverse bookstore, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

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    A Closer Look at Mitt's Florida Victory


    It's been a great week for Mitt -- and we've got supporters like you to thank.

    On Tuesday, Florida voters made it abundantly clear that Mitt Romney is the right person to get America back on track. 

    Florida will be an important battleground state in November. Mitt proved he's ready to compete against Barack Obama — and win.

    I wanted to send a quick message with some key data from Florida's results that illustrates why the Obama campaign is worried about facing Mitt Romney in the general election: 

    • Mitt had a broad base of support, winning among conservatives, Tea Party members, Evangelicals, women, men, and Hispanics.

    • With over 770,000 votes, Mitt received the most votes in Florida GOP Primary history.

    • The idea that Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are splitting the conservative vote was proved wrong -- again.

    • Not only did Mitt win more support from conservatives and Tea Party supporters than either candidate, Mitt garnered more votes than both candidates combined.

    • Mitt won Hispanic voters, a key swing voting bloc in the general election, increasing his support of 14% in 2008 to 54% in Tuesday's results.

    • Every GOP candidate who has won Florida has gone on to win the nomination.

    As Mitt said in his victory speech, a competitive primary will not divide us. It prepares us. And in his victory, Floridians from all walks of life made it clear that Mitt will lead a united party with a winning ticket for America.

    Four states will hold their Caucus over the next week. Help us get out the vote for Mitt by making calls from home. Click here to get started.

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