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Congratulations, Nadra!

TBP Contributing Writer Nadra Enzi (Cap Black) was recently recognized as one of Newsmax's "100 Most Influential Black Republicans." Nadra has contributed to The Bold Pursuit since January 2013, sharing his bold and unique perspectives with our visitors. He is an anti-crime, safety-rights activist, speaker and blogger: CapBlackIsHere

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    TelePromTer Flashback


    A Nation Undivided

    by Sean A. Langley, Contributing Writer

    I’m just airing my thoughts. It’s a similar message to the one I did before but it’s also a decision. I guess I might as well air it out now, here on The Bold Pursuit.

    I was talking to a friend in Canada about politics. She said that they actually followed American politics fairly often in Canada. Like me, she was Conservative. Apparently, Canada has a strong majority of Conservatives in their population.

    We just talked in general about how Liberals seem to have a lot of issues. I asked her why Canadian Conservatives don’t often show support to American Conservatives to help us get a message across (I mean, if Obama can get illegal immigrants to help support Democrats, why not level the playing field and get some vocal support from Canadian Conservatives if possible, eh?).

    She said that they don’t really consider American Conservatives the same as Canadian Conservatives.

    “Of course not,” I joked. “We’re American, you’re Canadian. There’s that whole border thing we got going on.”

    “No, it goes a lot deeper than that,” she told me. She told me how Conservatives were devoted to the cause above all else in Canada... how it was about keeping Conservative values like integrity, core Christian principles and so forth.

    “Yeah,” I said. “Just like the U.S.”

    “No...” she corrected me. “Like the U.S. used to be. Not how it is now.”

    I felt a twinge in my heart. Was it that well known? I mean, I wrote an article about my frustration with Conservative in-fighting but...could it be so blatant that Canada didn’t view U.S. Conservatives the same as their Conservatives?

    Are U.S. Conservatives continentally (if not internationally) known as back-stabbers?

    “Well, we’ve been having problems lately,” I admitted. “I even wrote an article on it and it actually got a decent amount of exposure. That’s kind of why I was wondering why we couldn’t get some Canadian Conservatives to help us out.”

    I told her about my Facebook group, “Republic of Conservatives" – a fake cyber-nation dedicated to Conservatism. I told her that I allowed anyone that was Conservative, whether Republican, Independent or even Democrat Conservatives (few though they may be) to post there in support of Conservatism everywhere, especially the U.S.

    She said, “Over in Canada, we call that our Conservatist population.”

    I blinked at her. “You’re telling me you never have guys cutting each other down in the Conservatist group due to favoritism?”

    “Of course we do,” she said. “But only if the Liberals are removed from power. The number of people that do that before we have Conservatists firmly in the last portion of the race is low and they’re not considered Conservatists. Just favoritists that care more about their favorite politician than really Conservatist views or morals.”

    I remember how she looked at me sadly and tried very gently to say, “That’s why we don’t get involved with U.S. Conservatists, Sean. Your nations Conservatists can’t support Conservatism properly because ..." I was not prepared for how deep her next words would cut me,

    “U.S. Conservatists can’t even live in peace with each other.”

    I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t say anything. It was heartbreakingly true. I began to wonder...truly wonder... if my Facebook group would forever be small because my attempts to unite Conservatists everywhere by our core beliefs was utterly futile.

    I didn’t expect it to pick up overnight but I had to ask myself that question. My Facebook group was supposed to be a place where the bickering within Conservatists ended, not came together. So far, it has done very well.

    There are fakers and liars in Conservative America. Jeb Bush is one, in my opinion.

    But then I had to ask myself: How similar are the hateful arguments Conservatists sometimes make towards each other as the ones Liberals make towards Conservatists?

    So, I’m putting this out, here and now: No favoritists will be allowed in my Facebook group. If you are the kind of person that will cut down a fellow Conservative running for office, whatever office that is, you are not welcome.

    I don’t even want to know you. “Be careful the company you keep.” I will not allow my Facebook group to be polluted with that kind of garbage. Nor will I allow my friends list to either.

    I say this not with hate or threat, but out of love for my Conservative views. The cutthroat, back-stabbery ends where the borders of my fake nation begins. I will shun them from my sight and my presence, I will allow no more of it. I shall be loyal to Conservatist politicians decided to Conservatism, whether I “like" them or they’re my “favorite" or not. Trey Gowdy. Mitt Romney. Sarah Palin. Ted Cruz. You may choose your path, you may choose to favor one Conservatist only and screw over the others, but you will never be a Conservatist to me. Only a traitor and elitist with childish concepts of loyalty and devotion to a cause.

    My cyber-nation will forever be a small one, most likely. My friends list, most likely forever shorter than most. All because of these actions, but my cyber-nation will be pure ... and my friends list as well. We will support the Conservatist party to the end. Each and every damn one of them.

    I’m Sean. And that’s what I think.


    Barry Found Out How He Learns What He Learned ...


    The Limits of 'Unsecured' Security

    by Nadra Enzi (Cap Black), Contributing Writer 

    The recent assault on TSA agents by Richard White at Louis Armstrong International Airport outside of New Orleans underscored the-potentially deadly limits of unsecure security. My read of the average TSA agent is someone who is woefully unprepared for confrontation. This is odd considering their purported role as the James Bond-ian frontline of homeland security at airports. Private security officers are mostly unarmed, too.

    However, unarmed private security officers deal with violent subjects daily, especially in retail and entertainment settings. Equipping TSA agents with collapsable batons, tasers or pepper spray seems reasonable given their high-risk placement at the entrance of airline concourses. I didn't cite firearms because I feel the agency itself isn't too keen on the idea.

    Recruiting people who can handle confrontation is a no-brainer in the private sector. Nightclubs and department stores have unarmed security staff effectively addressing a wide range of critical situations. TSA should consider re-aligning recruitment and mandate focus to duplicate private sector workforces whose unarmed personnel nonetheless regularly stop violent criminals.

    Such a tactically proficient TSA agent force could face a crazed attacker like Richard White with more than hastily grabbed luggage as improvised shields. The limits of unsecure security can cost innocent lives at airports which can suddenly become battlefields.

    Nadra Enzi akaCapBlack is an anti-crime activist and security writer on touchy topics. #Cap Black Is Here!


    Getting Away With Being Caught

    by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

    You would think that a wrongdoer who gets caught would be treated more harshly than an innocent person who is exonerated.

    You would be mistaken.

    Compare two of the foremost women in American politics, Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin.

    Governor Palin got caught not saying that she could see Russia from her house. Yet to this day, millions of Americans believe she said that. When Governor Palin turned over her emails to the public, the mainstream news media were breathlessly anticipating that all sorts of nefarious deeds of Palin were about to be uncovered. They just knew— knew, mind you— that she was guilty. In the days leading up to the release, news announcers could barely conceal their glee. Then, when the emails showed (according to CNN) that the emails revealed only that Palin was a hard working, involved governor, the publicity instantly ceased.


    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got caught concealing her official emails from the government. Nor was this the first time that Hillary has gotten caught in the performance of misdeeds, from the cattle-futures scandal, to Travelgate, and onward from there. The curious thing about the Clintons is that they seem to get caught every day doing something at the least unethical, at the most illegal, but never get punished in any meaningful way.

    Hillary Clinton may become our next president. You may ask, how could that possibly be? It’s not that her misdeeds are kept secret. The Clinton’s are inept at keeping secrets. Indeed, it is becoming more evident every day that official government secrets were hacked from Hillary’s personally owned email server, hacked by Russia, China, Iran, and possibly North Korea.

    You may ask, how could such an obvious miscreant get elected president?

    To which Hillary will reply, “What difference does it make?”