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    Our mission is to "Inform and Involve" via our forums for political coverage and commentary. We also hope to motivate and support efforts to encourage citizen involvement in our local and national leadership. We support our Constitution, as written and in its entirety. ~ Clio

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    Nature of the Beast

    by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

    In order to better understand the nature of Barack Obama, let us turn to history.

    Alexei Petrovich Romanov (1690 -1718) was the son of Peter the Great, czar of Russia. Alexei was supposed to inherit the throne, someday, and his father spent great effort in grooming him for the job. Alas, Alexei was not the stuff of which kings are made. He had neither the interest nor the stamina to lead the army, nor even to oversee the Russian navy’s construction projects. His true interests lay more in poetry than in political pogroms, and more in art than in artillery.

    Fearing his father, and with good reason, Alexei ran away to Vienna, and while there, reportedly attempted to persuade the Austrian emperor, Charles VI, to wage war against Peter, with Alexei leading the charge. The emperor might possibly have been persuaded, but his advisors intervened, saying something to the effect, just look at him. He is a delicate, spoiled child of privilege. He does not have it in his nature to lead an army, neither to rule a nation were he to succeed in usurping his father’s throne.

    Alexei’s final, fatal mistake was to trust his father, who promised that all would be forgiven if Alexei returned to Moscow. He did. He wasn’t.

    Peter the Great tortured Alexei, and also everyone connected with him, including Alexei’s mother, to learn every detail of Alexei’s alleged plot to overthrow Peter. Suffering protracted and unspeakable torment, Alexei finally died in the dungeon.

    What does this have to do with today? Just this:

    Expecting Barack Obama to wage war against terrorists is like asking a rabbit to kill a lion. As the counselors advised Charles VI concerning Alexei, Obama does not have it in his nature to lead an army, neither to govern a republic. Even were he to be given total power, it would not last. Obama is a speechmaker, not a leader. He is an academic, not a strategist. His effeminate mannerisms are not those of a warrior. They are in his case, a vital signal to be overlooked at our peril.

    Obama’s worldview is as surreal as Salvador Dali’s art. He has swallowed hook, line and sinker the suppositions of his radical leftist associates and professors from college onward. He is the Ward Churchill of the Democrat Party. The consequences have proved brutal and devastating.

    Obama sees the United States as an inherently unjust nation, based on an inherently unjust Constitution which, as he described it, protects people from government instead of mandating what it is that government must be required to do for the people. This, Obama declares, is where the Founders “got it wrong.”

    Obama is willing to kill terrorists, but only if he can do so without political risk, from the golf course. When successful, he struts boldly and claims credit, but when he fails, he whines and blames others.

    Like Alexei who astonishingly trusted his treacherous father, Obama astonishingly believes that America’s foreign enemies can be persuaded to abandon their vicious ideology and instead, “listen to reason.” The problem with that is that he is willing to place an entire nation at the merciless mercy of murderous thugs.

    Obama could never have been elected by an informed people. Many of those previously uninformed people are just now beginning to understand that. The election of America’s first black president seemed to them such a noble and lofty goal that they thought nothing could go wrong. Everything did.

    We are Alexei.


    How my son Mike came to recognize the wickedness in Washington

    by Don Hank

    A few years ago my son, a child of divorce, remarked to me that he was thinking about joining the military. I worried about him doing that not because I am unpatriotic but because years ago I recognized that the US government had for many years been risking young American lives for questionable causes to say the least, and worse, since Clinton, our military misadventures had pointedly redounded to the persecution and murder of Christians and to the burning of countless churches in the Muslim world. I began to have the sneaking suspicion that this was not an accident.

    As I read report after report on how Washington had given this or that group guns and materiel which later were used against us and against minorities in their countries, I became so impacted by this phenomenon of American officials' complicity with the murder of good and innocent people that I began warning about it at my blog. That was several years ago.

    Here are some examples:


    I don't flatter myself to imagine that I was the first to notice this, but I can assure you it was almost a full year after I posted my first blog on this topic that another author and then another and another ventured to mirror my thinking in writing. I can also tell you that web sites that had once posted most or all of my material started passing on this kind of article.
    It seems that conservatives, too, have their own political correctness. I can't help but think it is hypocritical of them to criticize the MSM for spiking stories and ignoring facts when they themselves do the same sort of thing, and in ways that are often much more damaging and do more harm than the MSM themselves.

    In view of this generalized resistance to this kind of truth, I decided that if I should try to explain this to Mike; he might well react like a typical teenager who thinks his conservative dad is a nut and wind up doing just the opposite of what Dad recommended (I remembered my 'blockheaded self' as a boy). So, I decided to leave it up to God to set the stage for discovery. Something told me I would somehow, some day get the golden chance to give him an object lesson. My faith is often weak, but this was something I decided God would definitely do, not so much for me but for Mike, who has a kind heart and is a polite and obedient boy - with all the usual caveats of course. God has His eye on him.

    Years passed and when Obama was elected, sensing trouble ahead, my family and I decided to settle in my wife's home country of Panama. We moved in July of 2009. We asked Mike to join us but he wanted to be with his mom and his buds at home. I respected that. He came to see us every year for a while.

    Then about 2 years later, we decided to go back to the US for a visit. We stayed for a month and saw Mike several times a week.

    On one occasion we took him to Old Country Buffet in Lancaster, PA, one of our favorites before our move to Panama.

    We sat down at a table and our server came to introduce herself. She turned out to be an Egyptian girl I had met years earlier. (Being a foreign language buff, when I meet someone who speaks with an accent under circumstances like that I always try to ask where they are from - trying hard not to appear too giddy or gauche about it - to see if they speak a language I may have learned or studied. So, at that time I had learned she was a Coptic Egyptian and attended a Coptic church in Lancaster County, which I had also attended a few times.)

    This particular day she recognized us and we started to chat. I must admit I figured this might be my chance to give Mike a peek behind the wizard's curtain.

    This was during the brief period when the US-backed Islamist Morsi was in power, so I asked her about her family in Egypt. She told us that her husband had traveled back home to visit his parents, but when he got off the plane and was going through customs, they asked him where he was headed and when he mentioned the name of the village, apparently a known Coptic stronghold, he was immediately put on another plane and returned to the US. By the US-backed regime.

    I asked her questions designed to elicit the role of the US government in all of this. I said, for example, that it seemed strange to me that the US government would be supporting an anti-Christian regime of this kind. I was being coy. It didn't seem strange at all to me. By that time, I had already written all or most of those above linked warnings and it would have seemed stranger to me if Washington were in any way helping persecuted Christians anywhere in the world.

    She admitted that was strange. I then asked her if she didn't sometimes have the feeling that the US government is actually using the US military to support anti-Christian regimes in the Middle East. I knew she had to see it.

    She quietly nodded yes. I knew it hurt her to have to come to terms with this truth, especially before a group of customers in her restaurant, but hurt is the trigger for revolt and I believe America needs to revolt and people need to hurt and cry often in front of their friends and loved ones before people can be motivated to do what needs to be done. Jefferson said we needed a revolution every generation. We're 200 years past due. Christians have been busy waiting for the Second Coming since 1776. I guess they didn't believe Jesus when He said no one knows the day nor the hour. They forget that God uses men to do His work, fighting men like Gideon and Joshua who never once thought about sitting around and waiting for God to do the fighting all by Himself.

    After she left, I asked Mike if he still was considering joining the military. He said "no way."

    Kids want to do the right thing. It's just that they come into a world where good is called evil and evil is called good and they need to meet evil face to face and naked, without its Joker's smile before they recognize it for what it is.

    Mike met it that day, Lord be praised!
    I think our Egyptian friend was also able to see it more clearly at that point. I hoped it would stimulate her and her friends and family to talk about their hurt and deep disappointment with the American Dream, not only among themselves but to others.

    Recognition - always deeply painful - is the first step in combating evil.

    Communicating that recognition to others is the next. They won't want to hear it. Talk anyway. Let it out. Painful words from a broken heart are more powerful than bullets.

    The hour is late and the revolution is pending, but somehow I don't think God minds waiting just a little more. Until we're ready. Not a moment sooner. Not a moment later.

    We'll know when the time comes. I know we will. We have a kind heart and are a polite and obedient people - with the usual caveats.

    God has His eye on us.


    Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope...


    Sonnet of the Terror Warriors

    (Inspired by James Foley and Steven Sotloff)


    Those martyred souls who dared to fight
    And that evil, if allowed to reign
    That evil that would be their blight
    They only would have died in vain

    So fight we must with all our might
    With all our will and not to tame
    For those brave hearts, for what is right
    Send evil back to whence it came

    And even with no end in sight
    Never to flinch from fear or pain
    We must maintain our pledge and plight
    Our great resolve should never wane

    And that evil, if allowed to reign
    They only would have died in vain


    Click on Shylock to find is latest book, Poems of Shylock



    The Day That Time Stood Still

    by Genevieve, Senior Editor, Advisor

    As I think about the anniversary of September 11, it is hard to believe that 13 years have passed since that fateful day. The events still permeate my memory. I was hurrying, as usual, so that I wouldn’t be late for work when my phone rang. A friend called to tell me that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. Living in a world-weary time when tragic incidents don’t have much impact, I paid little attention and continued with my morning routine. The horrors that followed: three more plane crashes – another one at the WTC, one at the Pentagon and the third in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, foreshadowed far-reaching changes to life in America.

    All air transportation was brought to a complete halt – airports were closed. It was the eeriest feeling to look skyward and not see a single airplane. Our freedoms and liberties would gradually vanish as the struggle against terrorism stripped the tranquility from our daily lives.

    The nightmare is perpetuated by the ever-changing forces that threaten our very existence. There is little comparison to the atrocities committed by Al Qaida and the slaughters and bloodbaths executed by ISIS, Hamas and other terrorist-affiliated organizations. The most unsettling thing about relentless terrorism is that there is no opportunity for peace anymore. We are constantly looking over our shoulders waiting for the next shoe to fall. Fighting our enemies in past wars was considerably simpler. The battles were fought and ended. The war against terrorism, however, is never ended. We are continually confronted by the opposition when we least expect an offensive.

    We have no one to depend on for protection and security. Our government is clueless about how to circumvent the destruction and collapse of mankind. Our lives are controlled by apprehension and fear.

    “The LORD is my strength and my shield, my heart trusted in him, and I was helped; therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth, and with my song will I praise him.” (Psalms 28:7)

    I live my life from day to day in humble and reverent remembrance of THE DAY THAT TIME STOOD STILL.


    Socialism – The World’s Most Intractable Addiction

    by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

    An alcoholic employee was called into the boss’s office and was given an ultimatum.  It went something like this.  You are a valued employee, and because of that, you have been given numerous chances to correct your deficiencies.  Yet you continue to come in late for work, or some days, not at all.  You continue to miss important deadlines.  When you meet the deadlines, your work is either incomplete, or contains numerous errors. Other employees have tried to cover for you, but it only detracts from their own work performance.  Therefore, no further concessions will be made to you, and no more excuses will be accepted.  This is it.  Either take control of your life and perform according to standards, or else, turn in your keys in return for your final paycheck.  Which will it be?

    The above story is probably true, many times over, but I have fictionalized several elements of it.  First, the reality is that instead of an employee, the real story involves a country. Second, instead of alcoholism, the reality is socialist economics.

    The country is Argentina, but many other countries fit the description. (Argentina Bets on Price Controls)

    Argentina is on the brink of collapse.  I wrote about this recently in The Bold Pursuit, "Yet Another Socialist Paradise is Collapsing." 

    Instead of the technical details, this time I wish to focus, as I did in the fictional account of the alcoholic, on the psychology of addiction, not addiction to a drug, but to ideological beliefs that have been consistently and repeatedly shown to be false, and worse than false, catastrophic.

    Socialism as an economic and political system is inexplicably addictive.  One can understand its initial appeal, because that appeal is simplistic, easily reduced to mindless slogans. Socialism addresses the scourge of poverty by saying simply, give money to the poor people. It addresses the problem of high prices by commanding sellers to lower their prices.  And when all the socialist remedies only dig the hole deeper, the last ditch resorts include raising taxes, confiscating wealth from those who produce it, and entrenching a class of voters who will never make the short-term sacrifices that are necessary for their long-term benefit.

    Socialism has even more appeal when it is contrasted to our present economic system, the one we mistakenly call capitalism, but which is more properly referred to as “crony capitalism.”  A better term for that system might be, feudalism.  In any case, the present system as practiced is a twisted perversion of the free market system.  Compared to it, socialism starts to look good to those who are stuck on the bottom rungs of the economic ladder.

    While socialism’s initial appeal might be understandable, what is not excusable is the persistent failure to recognize that socialism is not the easy way out of economic injustice, but is rather a fatal dependency on remedies that do not work.  Compared to truly free markets, socialism is a disaster.  Would that there were a truly free market to prove this.  Free markets have, alas, all but become extinct, and what now passes for capitalism is in reality a close cousin of socialism, even in the United States.

    Is there a remedy?

    It is no longer possible to simply do away with the century (and more) of clutter that has destroyed free markets, and to replace that clutter with the few basic principles that allow anyone—literally anyone—to have free and unfettered access to the marketplace.  Those principles include truly representative government, anti-trust laws, anti-fraud laws, and property rights.

    The entrenched social powers are so firmly in control of our economic system that—and this is quite literal—a child can no longer start and operate a sidewalk lemonade stand in the US. In order to do so, the child would have to hire a consultant to navigate the government regulations, the legal hurdles, and competition from lemonade producers who can crush any hint of competition.  In other words, to sell ten cents worth of lemonade, a ten-year-old child would have to have about ten thousand dollars in startup financing.  Think of it as the 10-10-10 rule.  The problem extends upward from there, to many thousands of good business ideas that are never given a chance to succeed.

    This inability to create new businesses without large investments up front would have, according to the founder of hardware giant Home Depot, prevented his corporation from ever having gained a foothold in the marketplace.

    Make no mistake, large corporations, although many of them benefited from free markets when they were first begun, now oppose the very idea.  Partnering with big government, big corporations lobby for ever more oppressive regulation of business, knowing that that will stifle competition.

    In doing so, they have persuaded millions of welfare recipients to settle for a life of indolence and hopelessness that is poisoning our society from within. 

    The real tragedy of this is that there are places in the world where there is a remedy. Argentina is a prime example.  When a social and economic system is in the early stage of collapse, the prospect for reform rises dramatically, as people become desperate to find a solution to their problems.  This brief window of opportunity has opened inArgentina.

    Unfortunately, the window is all too often closed by those who instead of free markets, impose the harsh hand of raw power.  This seems to be happening in Argentina and elsewhere.  Instead of more freedom, people tend to seek less of it, in the form of dictatorships.

    The outlook is bleak.  Nation after nation, addicted to spending, taxation and overregulation is killing the proverbial goose that lays the golden egg.  Revolutions are inevitable.  Social collapse will follow, as will wars and rumors of war.

    Still, even this outlook is not entirely bleak. There was a revolution in 1776 that, centuries later, still points the way to justice and prosperity. 

    We need a reset button.


    Sharia Enforcers in a Christian Country -- Here it comes

    by Don Hank, Guest Contributor 

    Bernard Chalumeau, founder of France Libre and expert on international law, sent me a link to a story of Sharia Police, an unauthorized group of Muslim activists posing as cops in Germany and harassing and threatening people for patronizing bars, eating pork, and doing other things that are perfectly legal in Germany and none of their business. This is just the beginning of the harassment, since the demographics are rapidly shifting from non-Muslim to Muslim. Just imagine what is certainly on the way.

    Click to read more ...


    Anatomy of a Liberal


    ‘Seven Days in September’ – Will They Finally Do It?

    by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

    Over the past few years, I have posted several commentaries referring to the fictional political thriller titled, Seven Days in May. That novel (and movie) is about an attempted coup d'état in the White House – by high ranking national security officials – who believe that the policies of the (fictional) president are gravely imperiling the nation.

    The coup fails and the moral of the story is that law, by the Constitution, rules America and that there is never any justification for substituting force for the ballot box.

    The account is fictional, but today, the reality is that the “rule of law” is becoming fiction. Top government officials illegally and flagrantly do the president's personal bidding in defiance of the Constitution. Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, the NSA, the EPA – the list is too long for full inclusion here – have all acted according to the morals of third world dictators.

    Obama's presidency has not only been marked by violations of the law, but perhaps worse in the eyes of highly-placed policy officials, marked by ineptitude and failure. Generals and intelligence chiefs might very well (I am sorry to say) tolerate trashing the Constitution to achieve results they view as pragmatic. What they likely will not tolerate is failure. When failure becomes fiasco, they will become concerned. When it shows signs of becoming catastrophe, they might risk their own careers and take desperate action, if not to save the republic, then at least to save themselves.

    Judging from recent interviews and public statements by such officials, they have not yet become concerned, but they certainly seem to have sat bolt upright and taken notice, as grim reality sets in. Their public statements might be viewed as simple lack of coordination between speech writers, but they also might indicate shots across the bow, so to speak, subtle warnings to the president to shape up.

    While presidential dereliction of duty is plain to see in the news reports, there are likely much more serious derelictions going on behind the scenes. Surely, security and military officials must have more than once commented to each other—albeit in carefully phrased, deniable words—that they are disappointed that the president has consistently dismissed their advice, only to see the world stage become more dangerous as a result. They must resent being repeatedly blamed by Obama for his own failures. They must know far more than we know, exactly what the failures of the administration have been. I suspect it goes far beyond the “I don’t have a strategy,” category, and far into the “I don’t have a clue,” classification.

    Beyond a doubt – Barack Obama has, for some time, now posed a clear and present danger to the Republic. It is the duty of government to respond decisively to such threats. His golf outings and fund raisers are more than mere matters of appearance and embarrassment. They demonstrate conclusively that the pilot does not have his hand on the controls, but instead is outsourcing his policy decisions to radical ideologues who share Obama’s left wing world view. They are almost literally trying to “community-organize” the world, but the world is not cooperating. On the contrary, international disorder is beginning to run riot as the looters (dictators and terrorists) discover that no one is on duty to stop them.

    Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini is said to have been tolerated by his public despite his oppressive policies, because as the legend goes, he kept the trains running on time. Obama could not even manage to keep Obamacare running on time, and it remains a fiasco today, with worse yet to come.

    Obama’s foreign policy failures have cost American blood, strengthened our enemies, weakened our alliances, and made the nation vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Throughout it all, he has never admitted error except in the most self-serving terms.

    My personal perception (and I have no inside knowledge, of course) is that there is a segment of the national security apparatus that may soon become concerned, even alarmed. My fear is that when they finally take action, it will not end well.

    The final chapter is yet to be written.


    "The Golfing Doctrine"


    "Creeping Tyranny"

    by Jim Mullen, Contributing Writer

    “Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.” ~ Michelle Obama - May 14, 2008

    It is unlikely the world will ever see another year like 1787 when the United States Constitution was fashioned and signed. It was a one-time event in world history when brilliant and brave men came forward to form a unique government. Our Founders created a small, centralized government with enumerated, limited powers. This document commanded that states, and the people retain extraordinary power over the federal government.

    The ink had barely dried on the Constitution before power-hungry politicians, and greedy men began chipping away at liberty. Creeping tyranny began before the final ratification. That tyranny creep has amplified today to a crushing onslaught of federal power against the states and people.

    Barack Obama’s Marxist, redistributionist dictatorship beats out of rhythm with the heart of our Republic. His Leninist ideology casts a heavy shroud of evil over our great land and threatens every fundamental principle of independence guaranteed by our Constitution. He tells any lie, bribes any group with taxpayers’ money, attacks, ridicules, and demeans all who fight for liberty. He is committed to breaking the American spirit of exceptionalism and the principle of born independence; both are precepts he vigorously renounces.

    The Constitution was a “charter of negative liberties,” full of constraints imposed upon us by our Founding Fathers – Barack Obama

    Feckless, appeasing, and apologetic on foreign soil, Obama directs his seething bitterness toward the American people. He uses every bureaucracy of the federal government to attack our Constitution, culture, religion, and free enterprise system. His long-brewing brine of hatred consumes his entire existence.

    Obama wears his communist father’s rage at the entire Western World like a badge of honor. Growing at its present rate, his doctrine’s destructive forces will continue dissolving our freedoms long after his active reign of terror ends.

    Obama deliberately creates fractures in American society by fomenting war between races, sexes, income levels, religions, and any other groups he can rub against one another to create friction.

    The Balkanization of Barack Obama’s America is deliberate, calculated, and designed for his long sought-after personal Marxist revolution. His paraphrased rallying cry was “…fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

    He uses the same hateful, destructive rhetoric used by dictators throughout history when they sought to create divides that advanced their revolutions. Obama talks endlessly about working for the people. Mao and dozens of other tyrants talked the same talk, and then walked a road of destruction and carnage. Hitler screeched his hatred of Jews; Obama substitutes the word “rich” for Jews.

    Middle class America has virtually disappeared and been replaced by a welfare, food stamp, and dependent-class. Less people participate in the labor force, and good-paying jobs were replaced with low skilled, low-paying service jobs. Many of these people feel the ills of this “Obama Nation.” Nevertheless, they pledge their loyalty repeatedly to Obama and his leftist politicians - even though these oppressors are the very people feeding them the poison. They’ve created a virtual permanent voting block and plan to keep it replenished with illegal aliens, and more dependency.

    Obama knows how to dictate, but exhibits total and complete ignorance and incompetence at governing a free nation. It’s obvious after six years that he never had any intention of governing a free nation. Lawlessness and corruption are his Hallmarks, and if history is written with any accuracy and has any sense of justice; both will fill the pages of his presidential legacy.

    The lies raining down on the country since Obama came riding into office on the disreputable shoulders of the national mainstream media are so blatant that no observant human could seriously believe anything spewing from his pathologically deceitful lips. However, he continues to stand at his lying post, performing this act to his adoring Marxist fans.  

    Attacks on nearly every segment of the citizenry, business, religion, the media, as well as his weekly scandals are so routine, numerous, and overwhelming; they can no longer be covered; even by willing media. A few scandals at a glance:     

    • ATF “Fast and Furious scheme"
    • IRS
    • EPA
    • Veterans Administration
    • NSA, CIA and other agencies spying on the press, on Congress, and the American people
    • Green energy boondoggles
    • Benghazi
    • New Black Panther crime dismissal
    • Bribing votes for Obamacare passage with taxpayers’ money
    • Deliberately creating a border crisis
    • Monument shutdowns
    • Premeditated lies about Obamacare coverage and rules
    • Rollout of Obamacare

    Apparently, this lawless President found an unknown clause or amendment to the U.S. Constitution that allows dictators to rule by pen and phone. On Obamacare alone, estimates are as high as 42 changes he made to his signature legislation without congressional approval. After numerous rebukes by the Supreme Court, Obama remains unmoved, unrepentant, and unrelenting.

    Enacting legislation is difficult by design, but Obama is undeterred by convention, Constitution, or established law. He simply raises his chin and picks up his pen to contravene constitutional law. This arrogance and unwillingness to enforce laws, with which he disagrees, are unparalleled.

    Obama revealed that when in college, he chose his friends carefully:

    “The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist Professors and the structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.”  “We were resisting bourgeois (property owners and middleclass) society's stifling conventions.”

    As it turned out these were some of the kinder, gentler radicals with whom he surrounded himself. Consider the anti-Semitic, racist, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's pastor and spiritual advisor for over twenty years.

    The White House and Obama’s group of advisors are infested by the crux of outlaws from Chicago and academia. These include avowed Communists, Marxists, socialists, racists, and every other leftist he could find. They control the federal bureaucracies that currently wield authoritarian power against American citizens.

    This community organizer aims his contempt and vengeful wrath of the free enterprise, Capitalist system directly at any business unwilling to play his crony-Capitalism game of allowing government to decide winners and losers. Obama embraces only businesses willing to accept corporate welfare.

    Rugged, hardworking, free-spirited individualists are Obama’s mortal enemies. Dictators cannot operate freely with such throwback patriots standing in their way. This President preaches disdain for self-sufficiency.

    The power of freedom built this country; the power of dependency is tearing it asunder. Our Constitution sustains us; progressivism retards liberty. Taken in their totality, Barack Hussein Obama’s actions, words, and people with whom he surrounds himself, speak to an extreme leftwing, big-government, and “limited–freedom” ideology. One could surmise most assuredly; this President is so far afield from what our Founders intended for our Republic, that his purpose is to erase any memories of our original founding documents and their architects. 

    Liberals believe that by some great miracle of science or divine providence, they are granted the ability and indeed, the right to create order out of what they perceive as "the chaos of American freedom." Obama appointed himself the messiah to unleash this divine providence with the full force and backing of the American left and the mainstream media. Freedom to a liberal is the dregs left after everything filters through government.

    Working now to salvage the Senate in November’s election could be the most important task ever undertaken by American voters. Another two and one-half years of stacking the federal courts with uber liberal judges; even to the Supreme Court may well be the end of our Republic as we have known it.

    Great men exercising constitutional freedom forged America into a great state; we are not what we once were because we are less free as a nation. Barack Obama and his chief enforcer, Harry Reid, are ruling us. November gives the nation a chance to fire the hatchet man, and repress the lawless tyrant.

    Jim Mullen  




    The ISIS Game

    by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

    For those of you who play checkers, chess, or other games of strategy, you have probably noticed that the losing player does not usually lose only on the last move. In most cases, even if he is allowed to take back a move or two, that does not prevent his inevitable loss. The fatal mistake, the losing move, usually has already happened much earlier than that. Once the fatal mistake is made, the rest is inevitable. The losing move loses because it weakens the player’s position so much that no matter how well he moves thereafter, the result is already a foregone conclusion.

    In the ISIS game, Barack Obama made the losing move at least as far back as his “red line” bluff in Syria, when he made empty threats that he had not the fortitude to carry through, and had to back down.  That mistake drove Syria ever more firmly into the arms of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, while at the same time, opening the door for ISIS to consolidate northern Syria as a base from which to conquer northern Iraq, and eventually,to effectively target Europe and the United States. The game was all but over as soon as  Obama’s bluff was called. What happened later was not only predictable, it was predicted.

    Thus came into being the reality we now face, the nightmare scenario which was prevented in Afghanistan by President Bush’s decisive invasion. It could have been prevented again, had Barack Obama acted decisively in Syria, and even later, in northern Iraq when ISIS first invaded. That nightmare is a powerful terrorist state that will stop at nothing, literally at nothing, to carry out its ambition of total conquest of the old Babylonian empire. This will be followed by a caliphate over the entire Middle East, andthen, using that power-base as a launching pointmajor attacks on Western Europe and the United States.

    Russia already knows what the next few moves are. They have already been there. The massacre of one hundred eighty-six Russian school children at Beslan by Chechen Islamists in 2004 was an atrocity that defines the savage intentions of Jihadi fanatics—or at least it did define it until ISIS forces burned through city after city in Iraq, leaving thousands murdered, decapitated and enslaved.

    Over the years, Russia has sustained many more terrorist attacks, one of the most recent being a gunfight between police and some militants involved in last year’s car bombings at the Volgograd train station in which some fifty people were killed. Three policemen and 4 terrorists were killed in the gunfight this year.

    Russia is no stranger to this game. It remains to be seen whether ISIS will target Russia with the same massive destruction that it has threatened in the US and Europe. Russia’s stance, however, makes it clear to the terrorists that Russia’s response will not be an empty Obamaesque threat. The terrorists will surely remember that in 2000, the Russians flattened the entire Chechen capital city with artillery and air strikes, prompting the UN to call it the most destroyed city on earth. ISIS can expect nothing better if they attack Russia.

    Sadly, ISIS assuredly has no fear of the United States. Worse yet, the allies who can most help us in the war against the terrorists no longer trust us. Obama has in one form or another betrayed them all, including the Kurds, the Anbar Sunnis, and even our European friends.

    In doing so, Obama has already made the fatal move that condemns the United States to the full fury of an ISIS terrorist attack on our soil. While he is playing for a draw, ISIS is in this to win it all.  You do not need to be a chess master, or a golf player, to understand why a rank amateur has no chance of winning this game.