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       Welcome to The Bold Pursuit...              

      The Bold Pursuit®, a conservative news and commentary site, offers intelligent and thoughtful perspectives through five separate blog pages. TBP strives to inspire respectful interaction and welcomes diverse points of view.

      Our mission is to "Inform and Involve" via our forums for political coverage and commentary. We also hope to motivate and support efforts to encourage citizen involvement in our local and national leadership. We support our Constitution, as written and in its entirety. ~ Clio

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      "The Golfing Doctrine"


      "Creeping Tyranny"

      by Jim Mullen, Contributing Writer

      “Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.” ~ Michelle Obama - May 14, 2008

      It is unlikely the world will ever see another year like 1787 when the United States Constitution was fashioned and signed. It was a one-time event in world history when brilliant and brave men came forward to form a unique government. Our Founders created a small, centralized government with enumerated, limited powers. This document commanded that states, and the people retain extraordinary power over the federal government.

      The ink had barely dried on the Constitution before power-hungry politicians, and greedy men began chipping away at liberty. Creeping tyranny began before the final ratification. That tyranny creep has amplified today to a crushing onslaught of federal power against the states and people.

      Barack Obama’s Marxist, redistributionist dictatorship beats out of rhythm with the heart of our Republic. His Leninist ideology casts a heavy shroud of evil over our great land and threatens every fundamental principle of independence guaranteed by our Constitution. He tells any lie, bribes any group with taxpayers’ money, attacks, ridicules, and demeans all who fight for liberty. He is committed to breaking the American spirit of exceptionalism and the principle of born independence; both are precepts he vigorously renounces.

      The Constitution was a “charter of negative liberties,” full of constraints imposed upon us by our Founding Fathers – Barack Obama

      Feckless, appeasing, and apologetic on foreign soil, Obama directs his seething bitterness toward the American people. He uses every bureaucracy of the federal government to attack our Constitution, culture, religion, and free enterprise system. His long-brewing brine of hatred consumes his entire existence.

      Obama wears his communist father’s rage at the entire Western World like a badge of honor. Growing at its present rate, his doctrine’s destructive forces will continue dissolving our freedoms long after his active reign of terror ends.

      Obama deliberately creates fractures in American society by fomenting war between races, sexes, income levels, religions, and any other groups he can rub against one another to create friction.

      The Balkanization of Barack Obama’s America is deliberate, calculated, and designed for his long sought-after personal Marxist revolution. His paraphrased rallying cry was “…fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

      He uses the same hateful, destructive rhetoric used by dictators throughout history when they sought to create divides that advanced their revolutions. Obama talks endlessly about working for the people. Mao and dozens of other tyrants talked the same talk, and then walked a road of destruction and carnage. Hitler screeched his hatred of Jews; Obama substitutes the word “rich” for Jews.

      Middle class America has virtually disappeared and been replaced by a welfare, food stamp, and dependent-class. Less people participate in the labor force, and good-paying jobs were replaced with low skilled, low-paying service jobs. Many of these people feel the ills of this “Obama Nation.” Nevertheless, they pledge their loyalty repeatedly to Obama and his leftist politicians - even though these oppressors are the very people feeding them the poison. They’ve created a virtual permanent voting block and plan to keep it replenished with illegal aliens, and more dependency.

      Obama knows how to dictate, but exhibits total and complete ignorance and incompetence at governing a free nation. It’s obvious after six years that he never had any intention of governing a free nation. Lawlessness and corruption are his Hallmarks, and if history is written with any accuracy and has any sense of justice; both will fill the pages of his presidential legacy.

      The lies raining down on the country since Obama came riding into office on the disreputable shoulders of the national mainstream media are so blatant that no observant human could seriously believe anything spewing from his pathologically deceitful lips. However, he continues to stand at his lying post, performing this act to his adoring Marxist fans.  

      Attacks on nearly every segment of the citizenry, business, religion, the media, as well as his weekly scandals are so routine, numerous, and overwhelming; they can no longer be covered; even by willing media. A few scandals at a glance:     

      • ATF “Fast and Furious scheme"
      • IRS
      • EPA
      • Veterans Administration
      • NSA, CIA and other agencies spying on the press, on Congress, and the American people
      • Green energy boondoggles
      • Benghazi
      • New Black Panther crime dismissal
      • Bribing votes for Obamacare passage with taxpayers’ money
      • Deliberately creating a border crisis
      • Monument shutdowns
      • Premeditated lies about Obamacare coverage and rules
      • Rollout of Obamacare

      Apparently, this lawless President found an unknown clause or amendment to the U.S. Constitution that allows dictators to rule by pen and phone. On Obamacare alone, estimates are as high as 42 changes he made to his signature legislation without congressional approval. After numerous rebukes by the Supreme Court, Obama remains unmoved, unrepentant, and unrelenting.

      Enacting legislation is difficult by design, but Obama is undeterred by convention, Constitution, or established law. He simply raises his chin and picks up his pen to contravene constitutional law. This arrogance and unwillingness to enforce laws, with which he disagrees, are unparalleled.

      Obama revealed that when in college, he chose his friends carefully:

      “The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist Professors and the structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.”  “We were resisting bourgeois (property owners and middleclass) society's stifling conventions.”

      As it turned out these were some of the kinder, gentler radicals with whom he surrounded himself. Consider the anti-Semitic, racist, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's pastor and spiritual advisor for over twenty years.

      The White House and Obama’s group of advisors are infested by the crux of outlaws from Chicago and academia. These include avowed Communists, Marxists, socialists, racists, and every other leftist he could find. They control the federal bureaucracies that currently wield authoritarian power against American citizens.

      This community organizer aims his contempt and vengeful wrath of the free enterprise, Capitalist system directly at any business unwilling to play his crony-Capitalism game of allowing government to decide winners and losers. Obama embraces only businesses willing to accept corporate welfare.

      Rugged, hardworking, free-spirited individualists are Obama’s mortal enemies. Dictators cannot operate freely with such throwback patriots standing in their way. This President preaches disdain for self-sufficiency.

      The power of freedom built this country; the power of dependency is tearing it asunder. Our Constitution sustains us; progressivism retards liberty. Taken in their totality, Barack Hussein Obama’s actions, words, and people with whom he surrounds himself, speak to an extreme leftwing, big-government, and “limited–freedom” ideology. One could surmise most assuredly; this President is so far afield from what our Founders intended for our Republic, that his purpose is to erase any memories of our original founding documents and their architects. 

      Liberals believe that by some great miracle of science or divine providence, they are granted the ability and indeed, the right to create order out of what they perceive as "the chaos of American freedom." Obama appointed himself the messiah to unleash this divine providence with the full force and backing of the American left and the mainstream media. Freedom to a liberal is the dregs left after everything filters through government.

      Working now to salvage the Senate in November’s election could be the most important task ever undertaken by American voters. Another two and one-half years of stacking the federal courts with uber liberal judges; even to the Supreme Court may well be the end of our Republic as we have known it.

      Great men exercising constitutional freedom forged America into a great state; we are not what we once were because we are less free as a nation. Barack Obama and his chief enforcer, Harry Reid, are ruling us. November gives the nation a chance to fire the hatchet man, and repress the lawless tyrant.

      Jim Mullen  




      The ISIS Game

      by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

      For those of you who play checkers, chess, or other games of strategy, you have probably noticed that the losing player does not usually lose only on the last move. In most cases, even if he is allowed to take back a move or two, that does not prevent his inevitable loss. The fatal mistake, the losing move, usually has already happened much earlier than that. Once the fatal mistake is made, the rest is inevitable. The losing move loses because it weakens the player’s position so much that no matter how well he moves thereafter, the result is already a foregone conclusion.

      In the ISIS game, Barack Obama made the losing move at least as far back as his “red line” bluff in Syria, when he made empty threats that he had not the fortitude to carry through, and had to back down.  That mistake drove Syria ever more firmly into the arms of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, while at the same time, opening the door for ISIS to consolidate northern Syria as a base from which to conquer northern Iraq, and eventually,to effectively target Europe and the United States. The game was all but over as soon as  Obama’s bluff was called. What happened later was not only predictable, it was predicted.

      Thus came into being the reality we now face, the nightmare scenario which was prevented in Afghanistan by President Bush’s decisive invasion. It could have been prevented again, had Barack Obama acted decisively in Syria, and even later, in northern Iraq when ISIS first invaded. That nightmare is a powerful terrorist state that will stop at nothing, literally at nothing, to carry out its ambition of total conquest of the old Babylonian empire. This will be followed by a caliphate over the entire Middle East, andthen, using that power-base as a launching pointmajor attacks on Western Europe and the United States.

      Russia already knows what the next few moves are. They have already been there. The massacre of one hundred eighty-six Russian school children at Beslan by Chechen Islamists in 2004 was an atrocity that defines the savage intentions of Jihadi fanatics—or at least it did define it until ISIS forces burned through city after city in Iraq, leaving thousands murdered, decapitated and enslaved.

      Over the years, Russia has sustained many more terrorist attacks, one of the most recent being a gunfight between police and some militants involved in last year’s car bombings at the Volgograd train station in which some fifty people were killed. Three policemen and 4 terrorists were killed in the gunfight this year.

      Russia is no stranger to this game. It remains to be seen whether ISIS will target Russia with the same massive destruction that it has threatened in the US and Europe. Russia’s stance, however, makes it clear to the terrorists that Russia’s response will not be an empty Obamaesque threat. The terrorists will surely remember that in 2000, the Russians flattened the entire Chechen capital city with artillery and air strikes, prompting the UN to call it the most destroyed city on earth. ISIS can expect nothing better if they attack Russia.

      Sadly, ISIS assuredly has no fear of the United States. Worse yet, the allies who can most help us in the war against the terrorists no longer trust us. Obama has in one form or another betrayed them all, including the Kurds, the Anbar Sunnis, and even our European friends.

      In doing so, Obama has already made the fatal move that condemns the United States to the full fury of an ISIS terrorist attack on our soil. While he is playing for a draw, ISIS is in this to win it all.  You do not need to be a chess master, or a golf player, to understand why a rank amateur has no chance of winning this game.


      Obama on Bullying Media: Do as I say, not as I do ...


      The Best of #18: Levin: ‘Terrorists Have Never Had It So Good’

      The Best of

      ~ The E-Blast ~

      ​Volume ​18

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      The Barbarians are at the Gates – Again

      by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

      ​A story which I often recount involves taking my wife to a movie. She had recently immigrated from South Korea. The movie was A Bridge Too Far. A scene in that movie shows a German soldier approaching British lines under a white flag. A British officer stands up and responds to the German demand for surrender by refusing. The German soldier then returns to the shelter of his lines, as does the British officer, and the bloody fighting soon resumes.

      When my wife saw the German soldier standing in full view of the British riflemen, she whispered to me, “Why don’t they shoot him?”

      ​I was both horrified and amused, and answered, “They can’t shoot him. He’s under a white flag!”

      ​My wife was amazed. “Oh,” she said. “Gentleman war.” Warfare in Asia had never become ritualized as it had in Europe. We take for granted that we do not shoot an enemy under a flag of truce, but most of the world knows nothing of this practice.​

      ​It was during the so-called Dark Ages that certain civilized behaviors first began to be widely introduced into the conduct of warfare. This came about because, in Europe, most of the combatants were Christian, and most were governed more or less by the Roman Catholic Pope, who gave orders that warfare was to be restrained by certain rules. At first, little improvement was made, but by the time of the Renaissance, war in Europe (and later in the Americas) was no longer what it had been in ancient times. Granted, war remained ugly, but even in the meat grinder of World War I, medics of both sides could usually operate on the battlefield with immunity from enemy fire. White flags were honored, and the flag of the Red Cross was respected by all.

      ​In pre-medieval times, before the Popes had moderated the practice of war, losing armies were slaughtered, any survivors were enslaved, and conquered nations were looted and crushed under the heel of unrelenting tyranny. We in America can scarcely imagine what it was like to have lived under the constant threat that hordes of merciless barbarians would suddenly appear, killing and burning their way through villages and cities, carrying off one’s family, who were never to be heard from again. Yet this was what life was like in ancient times throughout the entire world.

      ​While today humanitarians complain about water-boarding, in ancient times, captured enemies were often tortured hideously, merely for the amusement of the captors. A long list of barbaric practices could be made, shocking and horrifying the average American.

      ​We feel comforted knowing that those days are over—but are they really?

      The American and European failures in Syria and Iraq are demonstrating that the age of barbarism is upon us still. It never did go away. We just closed our eyes to it. The modern-day terrorists who often are referred to as ISIS or ISIL, are nothing new to history. They are the Huns of yore, the Mongol Hordes in modern Islamic form. They are unimaginably ruthless, cruel and fanatical.

      ​Not to worry. According to the White House, we are “monitoring the situation.” Indeed? One reporter all but openly mocked that claim during a press briefing. Monitoring the situation, he rebuked, monitoring? Tens of thousands of people are in imminent danger of being brutally massacred, and we are monitoring? The White House press secretary was reassuring. We are not merely monitoring the situation, he said. We are monitoring it “closely.” Oh. That makes it all better (yes, sarcasm).

      ​One thing which utopian visionaries consistently fail to acknowledge is something called reality. Reality always trumps idealism. Community organizing is no match for suicidal armies. The Nazis and Japanese Imperialists of the 1940s were not negotiated into surrender, not until first we had killed every last enemy soldier who continued to resist. Even after the formal surrenders, more killing was needed to eliminate the mortal dangers posed by die-hards in both Germany and Japan.
      One cannot reason with genocidal murderers. One can only kill them. ​But no! the proponents of peace at any price will counter. Why, killing them would make us just as evil. My reply is that is a disgusting argument, one which equates murder with self-defense, and equates atrocity with protection of the helpless. Anyone who contemplates the reality of the situation and still holds to that bankrupt position is despicable.

      ​Another argument says that, for every terrorist we kill, we create many more. Oh, really? Then ask this question. When terrorists killed three thousand of us on nine-eleven, how many more of us did they create? As they killed more thousands of us in the military campaigns, they should have created enough of us to eliminate them forever.​

      Only the mathematics of the intentionally ignorant can fail to recognize that killing terrorists decreases their number. Any new terrorists coming into the battle are not there because their predecessors were killed, they are coming because their minds are poisoned by the same radical theology that motivated their dead forebears.

      ​Yes, it all sounds horrible. It is horrible. However, the horror is not one of our making, rather, it is the making of those who issue edicts requiring everyone to think as they think or die, to obey their commands or be murdered.

      ​Every American should be required to witness the videos made and distributed by the terrorists, videos joyfully displaying the beheaded corpses of those who made the fatal mistake of surrendering to a psychopathic enemy. Horrible, yes, but better to see these beheadings on video than to see them in person on the streets of our neighborhoods.

      '​Oh, that’s fear-mongering,' some will say. 'ISIS is not coming here.' But the Japanese did come to Pearl Harbor, Osama’s minions came to the World Trade Towers, and the Russians did invade Crimea just a few weeks ago, and then shot down a civilian airliner. The mainland Chinese are building a blue water navy, one for which they have no defensive need. Barack Obama warned the Syrian dictator to disarm or face the consequences, and the consequence turned out to be the exposing of Obama as a toothless tiger. He installed a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist to lead Egypt, a danger so extreme that the Egyptians expelled the Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt (and expelled many of them from the planet). Obama then offered Israel a so-called truce with Hamas – a truce which would in reality have been a complete capitulation to terrorism. All the while, Obama is dismantling our armed forces. There is no space here for a complete list of the treacheries being perpetrated by our apologist-in-chief.
      ​In short, the US has become a shadow of its former presence as a force for good in the world, a presence which Obama clearly believes was a force for evil.

      ​Into the vacuum are stepping the real forces of evil, forces not only capable of barbarism, but eager to practice it in its most malevolent form.
      ​They are at the gates.


      Obama's "Golf" Strategy


      The Best Of #17: Things We 'Infidels' Don’t – But Must – Know

      The Best of

      ~ The E-Blast ~

      ​Volume ​

      Bald eagle nest cam, 

      24/7 viewing


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      Global Warming, AIDS, and Unicorns

      by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

      They call it climate change. Think about that. They used to call it global cooling, until there was no cooling. Then they called it global warming, but then there was no warming. So now they call it, climate change. The climate has been changing since the first day on earth, so that’s the name they settled on.

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      The Hate that Dares Not Speak its Name

      by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

      Some mysteries seem to perplex historians across the ages.Here is one of them. Why are Jews so universally hated?

      Anti-Jewish hatred goes back at least to the bronze age. It has repeatedly surfaced in grotesque form through the centuries since. Why? What other ethnic group has endured such constant and unrelenting persecution? What other ethnic group is so consistently blamed for every difficulty faced by society? What other group is the object of so many conspiracy theories?

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      The Best of #16: What Do You Call a President Who Helps Our Enemies?

      The Best of

      ~ The E-Blast ~

      ​Volume ​16

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      2012 Calling ... Wants Its Votes Back