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    Ebola? No worries. This regime gave us obamacare 


    Correctly Breaking the Law

    by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

    In 1989, while serving at Osan Air Base in Korea, I was assigned the duty of destroying some top secret material. This was contained in an area marked by signs which said, “Authorized Personnel Only,” and, “Use of Deadly Force Authorized.” Armed military guards, I knew, took these signs seriously, and therefore, so did I. Despite having official access to the area, and a badge to prove it, I was hugely nervous about being entrusted with the secret papers. If I screwed this up, I would almost certainly be court-martialed and still be in prison today. I told my partner in this duty that if for one instant I lost sight of the material, I would not certify that it had been destroyed. This would bring down the wrath of some very secret government agency. I wasn’t kidding, and my partner knew it. We therefore followed exact procedures to the letter and comma, and ensured that the destroyed material could never be recovered, even grinding the ashes into the dirt, and then spreading the dirt wide and far, precisely as instructed in our orders.

    When Edward Snowden leaked secrets from the National Security Agency, he exposed high level government wrongdoing, about which highly placed administration officials had knowingly lied to Congress, or at least, asDirector of National Intelligence James Clapper claimed, made the “least untruthful” statement he could under the circumstances. Snowden is accused of treachery, even of treason. He is defended by his supporters on the grounds that he had no other way to protect the American people from a rogue agency. Based on the facts available to me, I remain undecided, but I will presume Snowden innocent until proof beyond a reasonable doubt causes me to consider him guilty.

    Lois Lerner, the now retired, former director of the Exempt Organizations Unit of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), was accused of violating the rights of American people to dissent from their government. She has been charged by some TEA Party groups of illegally sharing their private information with their left wing political opponents, and using other nefarious means, to prevent conservatives from enjoying equal protection of the tax laws to participate in the political process. In other words, her detractors say, Lois Lerner illegally abused her official position.

    I have little doubt that, in their minds, both Snowden and Lerner were doing the right thing. Snowden believes he was protecting me from the government. Lerner believes she was protecting the government from me. Each of them can make at least a tenuous defense of their actions based on the time honored concept of civil disobedience.

    Or can they?

    Civil disobedience was famously practiced by both Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. In both cases, the lawbreakers were opposing laws that many people considered unjust, deplorable, and devastatingly harmful. The harm being done was not only damaging people, but indeed, even arguably undermining the government itself.

    One of the central features of justifiable civil disobedience is that the person committing the crime does not seek to avoid the penalty for doing so. Indeed, facing the penalties is a further way of publicizing the alleged official injustice, and of garnering support to overturn the unjust law. Both Gandhi and King willingly submitted to imprisonment for their violations.

    Lerner certainly does not fit into that category. Her efforts were not to overturn an unjust law, but rather, to apply just laws unjustly. Don’t get me wrong. I am sure that Lerner regards me as an evil, bigoted, danger to the republic. She felt that she had to do something to protect Barack Obama’s reelection campaign from people like me, people she regards as villainous. Believing that as she did, Lerner was obliged to do all she could to stop me.

    She was also obliged to face the legal consequences, instead of hiding behind the exact Constitution which she violated. She was courageous in the battle for liberalism until courage meant something.

    Much the same has been said about Snowden. If he wished to expose government wrongdoing, he could have done so through legal channels, or else gone public, and subjected himself to trial.

    The difference between him and Lerner is that the government was sympathetic to Lerner. She even collaborated with the Justice Department to both protect herself and to promote administration interests.

    Snowden’s only hope of a fair trial under the Constitution, lay with the very government administration he was exposing as violating the Constitution. Not only was the government not the least bit sympathetic to Snowden’s actions, it is very possible, and in my mind very probable, that had Snowden gone to any government official with his complaint, neither he nor his complaint would ever have seen the light of day again. If Snowden feared for his very life, can we blame him?

    I do not have enough facts concerning the Snowden case, and probably never will. However, he has in a sort of way been held to account. He has very likely been exiled for the remainder of his life. He will never again sleep securely, knowing that at any instant, the Russian government might use him in a “trade” for a captured Russian spy, in which case, Snowden will meet a dark fate.

    Lerner needs fear only a relatively comfortable jail cell, if even that.


    Gwyneth Crushes on the Prevaricating Prezzy


    De-dollarization: Et tu, Britannia?

    by Don Hank

    My recent article on dedollarization ( mentioned several countries that were dedollarizing but not the UK, which had not yet joined the fray.

    However, the UK has meanwhile taken the most significant and daring step of all. Friday's morning paper says the United Kingdom is issuing SOVEREIGN BONDS denominated in...are you ready for this?

    RENMINBI... You can now buy UK bonds denominated in the Chinese yuan!

    The UK is the first Western country to do such a thing. Their other bonds were denominated in USD, euros, Japanese yuan and Canadian dollars.

    However, don't expect the MSM will ever call this "dedollarization," even thought that is exactly what it is intended.

    Anyone who believes that dedollarization is limited to Russia and the BRICS or who believes that dedollarization is not going to affect the supremacy of the dollar in world trade is on the wrong track -- the same track on which the freight train is bearing down on us all.

    Time to get off that track.

    What is that track called?

    It is called bullying by the US oligarchy (relax, Mr. American. YOU have nothing to do with this. Your government is not your own. But a word of caution: believing the MSM propaganda makes you unwittingly complicit). Read about it here.

    The remedy is called dedollarization, though none dare name its name, as you may read here:

    QUOTE: The French Finance Ministry said it was instead seeking support from EU partners to bolster the use of the euro in international business as a way of reducing the potentially very costly exposure of European firms to U.S. sanctions law. [the term dedollarization is commonly found in the world press but a search with that word on the sites of major online US newspapers brings up next to nothing, as my article linked above shows. Trusting these news outlets can only bring you pain in the long run

    You see? The US oligarchy, acting like the kid who steals your lunch money, thinks its power is unlimited, but it ignores the signs that the rest of the world is sick of being the 90-pound weakling and is beefing up its arsenal to fight back. This feeling of utter invincibility (a misguided sense of American exceptionalism) on the part of US oligarchs is one reason why none of the major news outlets like NYT, WSJ, and even Stratfor will ever talk about dedollarization. They are all victims of normalcy bias. "It can't happen to us." (Here again is my article on dedollarization and the way the press spikes the story)

    It is happening right now, but as long as the MSM is muzzled, or muzzle themselves, Americans will be blind-sided by the impact of a world using currencies other than the dollar and the resulting loss of the dollar's value. 

    Further, none of this news even touches on Russia, but Russia is also the victim of costly sanctions and a stealth program aimed at destroying its trade relations with one of its most important partners, ie, Ukraine. The Soros-induced uprising in Ukraine is falsely portrayed as “spontaneous” but it is anything but (how do we know Soros was behind it? He said so as shown here. But the US government also played a large role, as Victoria Nuland admitted here). The meddling in Ukraine was motivated in large part by the Wolfowitz doctrine of isolating Russia. But it is backfiring big time, as reflected by another item in today's news:

    Quote: Germany is the major EU economy most exposed to the Ukraine crisis, given its strong bilateral trade relationship with Russia. In September, the ZEW Index of German business confidence plunged again - hitting a nine-year low.

    Here it comes, Folks. The unintended consequences of meddling by the US power elites are raining down on the entire world. Are you ready?

    If I had some extra cash, I would invest in one of those renminbi-denominated bonds from the UK or Russia.


    Hope and Fear for the Two Koreas

    by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

    In 1969 I was stationed in South Korea as a member of the Second Infantry Division. My duties carried me within sight of North Korea, and always within easy range of enemy artillery. I was occasionally assigned to armed patrol duties along the Im Jin River, just a proverbial stone’s throw from the border with a nation with which we were technically still at war.  North Korean patrols frequently ventured into our area, and sometimes killed our soldiers. The day before my arrival, eight American soldiers were killed there, but their deaths got minimal news coverage, since the Viet Nam War was raging and overshadowed our “little war.”

    Click to read more ...


    Eric Holder Will Miss the Good Times 


    Obama’s Samba Line of Shame

    by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

    One of Sarah Palin’s most important statements during her vice presidential campaign in 2008 was this:

    "I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibilities."

    While at the time her critics denounced that statement as unfair to community organizers, Palin was spot on correct. Her point has been proved prescient. Barack Obama is an abject incompetent at everything except speechifying and golf. His ineptitude is nothing short of horrifying, considering the office he occupies (by which I do not mean that he runs it— he merely occupies it).

    The man literally could not run a lemonade stand, much less a nation. His attempts to outsource presidential decision making have produced a virtual samba line of buffoons who could not begin to control the agencies and projects to which they were appointed.

    Kathleen Sebelius led the obamacare samba line with failures so thorough and comprehensive that it became clear that she knew absolutely nothing about the healthcare website that she had many months to oversee – a website which not only collapsed the moment she pressed the “start” key, but continues to this day to have critical defects.

    Eric Shinseki was widely praised for his service as an army general, but from the moment he stepped into the office of Secretary of Veterans Affairs he was as out of his element as a brain surgeon assigned to build a space ship. Veterans avoidably died as a result of Shinseki’s lack of curiosity about events in his department, and his response was that he felt really bad about that. Oh yeah, he was angry, too.

    “Former Secretary of Energy Steven Chu left under a cloud of controversy involving crony capitalists getting millions of dollars in green loans that produced nothing but failed companies,” according to Victor Davis Hanson at the San Jose Mercury News

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton produced a litany of failures during her tenure, but one must grudgingly admit that she spent little time on the golf course (or whatever her pastime might happen to be), and is enough of a control freak that she would have scrutinized every element of HillaryCare, had she been president. The finished product would have been disastrous to the nation, but an efficient disaster, which might actually be the worst kind.

    Valerie Jarrett, not Obama, seems to be the actual brains (or lack thereof) behind the operation (or lack thereof). Her qualifications for the job are purely ideological, explaining why no hint of the real world ever factors into presidential decrees.

    The worst of Obama’s failures are yet to be exposed to the light of day. His mismanagement of national security makes the Keystone Cops look like James Bond by comparison.

    Let’s start with his own personal security, supposedly guaranteed by the Secret Service. Undoubtedly, there are many competent and dedicated agents, but the leadership has besmirched their hard earned reputation. News stories give the impression that the leadership has allowed the service to become infiltrated with drunkards, whoremongers and bunglers. That impression has tainted the entire Secret Service with the sins of the few. This tragic and dangerous corruption in leadership has been going on for years, and nothing proactive was done to foresee and prevent future occurrences. Forget locking the back door, the Secret Service could not even lock the front door of the White House as an intruder sprinted across the lawn and penetrated deep inside the building. Yet another agency head has been forced to resign in disgrace in light of failures so astounding that no fiction writer would dare include such improbable idiocies in their novels.

    Let’s continue with Obama’s military incompetence. Here is a man who in a speech at the Army Academy at West Point mispronounced the word “corps” three times. Many people would laugh this off as a mere gaffe, but it reflects an utter unfamiliarity with the most basic vocabulary of the military. Worse, it shows that not one of the people closest to him caught the error before he made it, and no one was able to speak into his earphone (if he even had one) to correct this before he repeated it – twice. Think of what the dismayed cadets were imagining, as they realized this community organizer was their commander.

    One might laugh it off were not this gaffe magnified in his blunders that have squandered the gains and sacrifices of thousands of military men who lost their lives or health in battle to secure Iraq.

    One might continue laughing if Obama had not claimed credit for ending the war, but now seeks to blame others when it turns out that ending the war really meant losing it.

    The laughter dies down when the national security agencies have finally become fed up with this incompetent who continually blames them, not himself, for permitting an entire nation of terrorists to be formed under his nose, now threatening to infiltrate our cities with large numbers of fanatical, suicidal terrorists. All this occurred while Obama refused to attend security briefings by those whom now he blames.

    What will it take before those in positions of high power step out of the shadows and perform their actual duty of protecting the nation, protecting it from the onslaught of illegal immigrants, disease, and violence? How can they protect the president when they refuse to protect the nation from the president himself?

    Just how long can a samba line of stumbling incompetents get before the laughter finally stops?


    Is Your Money Safer Under the Mattress?

    Don Hank, Guest Contributor

    Several investment advisers are now warning people not to put too much money in the bank, or if you have more than a ‘safe’ amount, to pull some out – and also to divvy up your deposits in more than one bank.

    They base this on some new laws being crafted right now in various parts of the world enabling banks to steal deposits under a euphemistic concept known as the “bail-in,” which first reared its hideous head in Cyprus last year (see links below for details on these new developments).


    Click to read more ...


    Forget Global Warming – What About Global Madness?

    by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

    Throughout history, human life has been dominated by misery. Wars, famines, plagues and natural catastrophes were rampant, not to mention tyrannies that were cruel and oppressive. Life was brutal and short.

    A few candles lit the darkness. For those of us fortunate enough to have been born in the Americas and Europe during the twentieth century, it may be difficult to understand what life is (and was) like for those born far from the glow of candles.

    Click to read more ...


    Shifting MSM Polls: Masking Barry's Plunging Popularity


    I Won’t Say I Told You So (But I Did)

    by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

    Actually, I’ve said it several times. Here was the most recent: Seven Days in September – Will They Finally Do It?

    In an email that I recently sent to friends and colleagues, I asked: Did I predict this?

    I was watching Fox News and they were commenting on how unusual it is for
    military generals to openly question administration policy.

    Yet, some generals have been increasingly doing just that, openly expressing concerns.

    This may amount to little or nothing, but in my view, there must be serious worries among high officials about the danger into which Obama is putting the nation.

    The "rebellion of the generals," as one commentator put it, may snowball or not, we shall see. [End of quote]

    There may not yet be open rebellion, but the storm clouds are surely gathering. The Conservative Tribune website lists eight generals who have recently and publicly spoken out, in varying degrees, objecting to Barack Obama’s policies.

    Retired officers:
    Major General Bentley Rayburn (US Air Force)
    Brigadier General Charles Jones (US Air Force)
    General Jack Keane (US Army)
    Lieutenant General William G. “Jerry” Boykin (US Army)
    General Patrick Henry Brady (US Army)
    Major General Paul E. Vallely (US Army)

    Active duty officers:
    General and US Southern Command Commander John Kelly (US Marine Corps)
    General James Amos (US Marine Corps)

    Military officers, especially those still on active duty, take serious risks to their careers whenever they speak out in public in any way that is not in agreement with the president who is, after all, their Commander in Chief. Even retired officers can be recalled to active duty and court-martialed – a little-known fact. For these men, the risks are high, and the penalties can be severe.

    It is, therefore, more than a minor news item when such officers reveal their dismay at presidential decisions.

    Under normal conditions I would agree that officers should either keep quiet or resign, but these are not normal conditions. A military man’s first loyalty is not to the president, but to the Constitution, and that loyalty may require an officer to speak up.

    As it turns out, these generals may have done Barack Obama a favor, and the nation as well. Today, Obama gave a masterful speech (doesn’t he always?) at the United Nations, condemning terrorism in no uncertain terms, and calling for the active eradication of it at all levels, including military, financial and cultural.

    While Obama is no General Patton, and while he did allow some leftist sentiment in among his words, the influence of the generals was, in my fallible opinion, clear and distinct. At least, he is no longer calling for understanding what America did wrong to incite the nice terrorists to behave so rudely (oh my, am I being sarcastic?).

    Nor is Obama a General Douglas MacArthur, who told us, quite accurately, that when it comes to war, “There is no substitute for victory.”

    MacArthur was objecting to the policy of containing communism instead of defeating it. He also made other pronouncements objecting to the policies of President Harry Truman.

    Truman fired him.


    Forged in Faith

    by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

    We can, and should, separate church from state, but we can no more separate faith in God from public policy than we can separate rights from the Constitution.

    The inception of the United States of America is rooted in two opposing philosophies. One of them is the Greek tradition of democracy and reason; the other is the Hebrew tradition of faith and discipline. Or, one might ask, are they really opposed?

    These two philosophies somehow fused during the years that saw Christianity rise from an obscure cult of Jews into a major world religion. During that time and later, the Greek idea of democracy gradually took ever firmer hold in Europe, which alongside Christianity, began its thousand year journey toward parliamentary democracy.

    This unnoticed revolution took hundreds of years to work its way into the psyche of western thinkers. The pinnacle of that revolution was the founding of the United States.

    While many secularists deny that America was founded as a Christian nation, the evidence is just too overwhelming to draw any other rational conclusion. Yes, many of the Founders were Deists, not Christians, but all of them were so well versed in the Bible that their writings are saturated with references to the God of Abraham. The Judeo-Christian influence on their thinking was a dominant factor in the formation of our country. Not one of their statements of principle comes from any other major religious tradition.

    Despite the fusion of the Greek and Hebrew worldviews, despite their being joined in the formation of the idea that, “all men are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights,” despite all that, the two worldviews never quite completed their merger. They remained quietly at odds with each other for centuries during a period of truce.

    That truce is over. America is once again separating, philosophically speaking, into two warring factions.

    One of them is the familiar Christian faith, along with its Jewish root, the belief in a creator God who intervenes in the lives of individuals and nations, and who reveals to us what is morally right, and what is morally depraved.

    The other is the secular worldview, which combines atheism and naturalist-materialism.  This worldview holds that there is no credible evidence of God, and therefore no reason to believe in what it calls the myths of Christianity. That view avers that nature is all that there is, and that nature is composed only of material governed by mathematical rules.

    Such worldviews have consequences. One of the consequences of the Christian worldview is that all humans are regarded as specially created by God for a divine purpose, and are therefore to be treasured in their own right, not at the whim of an earthly ruler.

    The consequences of secularism are much darker. While one of the tenets of secularism is that, “Man is the measure of all things,” natural-materialism considers humans to be nothing more than a happenstance by-product of natural processes. If we are considered to be nothing more than biological processes, doomed to oblivion in an uncaring universe, then that cannot help but shape social policy, one that instead of being humanist, is inhumane.

    That dark effect has not yet reached its nadir, but only because the old moral traditions are still deeply embedded in our culture. They will not disappear overnight, but with time, the Biblical underpinnings of our culture will continue to erode. Legalized abortion is only one visible effect. It has already redefined what it is to be human, defining it downward.  We have seen only the beginning.

    As American society turns further away from God, so it will also turn further away from human rights, from liberty and freedom, and toward tyranny.

    The monstrous tyrannies of the mid twentieth century serve as dire warnings. Communism and fascism massacred untolled numbers in Europe, and the imperialism of a false god (emperor) murdered millions in Asia . All were based in a world view that considered individual humans to have no sovereignty, no inherent rights of their own. People were deemed to be simply tools of the state, to be sent to their deaths by the millions, in the pursuit of evil purposes.

    Faith is not, of course, a political tool. We do not embrace it for political purposes. That, indeed, would be contrary to what faith in God really is.

    Instead, faith is embedded in our human nature. Birds fly, fish swim, and humans worship God. We freely choose to accept faith or to reject it. In doing so, we also choose the consequences, which are either humanity or inhumanity.

    Faith is not contrary to reason. True, we can no more reason our way to faith than we can count by ones to infinity. In both cases, we get there all at once. Faith gives context to reason. It affirms that our lives have a plan, a purpose and a meaning far beyond merely the biological. Our deeds have eternal consequence.

    Apart from faith, nothing makes sense.  Apart from faith, there is no plan, no purpose, no meaning.

    Natural materialism strays so far from reason as to even deny that free will exists. Free will makes us into independent, sovereign entities, capable of choosing other than as nature would dictate. Therefore, natural materialism falls apart as soon as it accepts that free will is our nature. Free will cannot be the product of a cold, uncaring universe; it can only be the gift of God creating us in His own image and likeness.

    Faith will not destroy reason but uphold it. Faith will not conquer democracy, but give it meaning.

    There should be no war between reason and faith, but those who have rejected faith are drawing the battle lines. History is about to repeat itself, but the future is ours.