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    Preserving the Lamps of Liberty in our Lifetime

    by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

    When we look back on history, we find that from the very beginning of our republic, there have been intense controversies. These controversies were of the utmost consequence. Should there be a strong central government, or should the states dominate? Should slavery be legal or forbidden? Have the states a right to secede? Should we have a president or a king? The list is long, and continues to this day.

    The resolutions of these controversies defined the nation. We were to have a weak central government, with the states dominating. Slavery is to be forbidden. We have no king.

    Unfortunately, not all the controversies were resolved for the better. Those also define us. The New Deal, for example, established an ever stronger central government, one that the Founders warned us against. While its goals were worthy, the methods used have been seriously harmful. They led to an entitlement mentality and an ever more progressive welfare state in which the fruits of one person’s labor are confiscated and handed over to another person, one who labors not.

    While some see the long term trend of the United States as being ever more liberating, others see it as ever more collectivist. While some lament the fact that Americans are increasingly uneducated, others lament that our youth are ever more mis–educated, propagandized and deceived by a politicized system of education.

    Not only are we failing to solve serious problems such as crime, we are all but forbidden to even discuss the issue if it offends anyone. For example, it is no secret that while black people comprise about twenty percent of our citizenry, fifty percent of the felonies are committed by them. Ninety percent (or thereabouts) of black citizens who are murdered, are murdered by black people. Just try discussing that with any random sampling of voters, but take care to shield yourself from accusations of racism. The issue itself will be drowned out in the tirade of anger from the left, and the problem continues.

    The teacher unions and their political cronies have hijacked our schools, victimizing inner city black students, despite the fact that per student spending on them— in poorly performing schools— by the government— is far greater than the spending in many better performing schools, both public and private. Yet the demand is always for more money and less accountability.

    Mysteriously, black families continue to support the very same politicians whose destructive rampage in their children’s lives continues. Maybe it’s not so mysterious, when one considers the schools they attended.

    Every generation has felt that the republic was in danger of falling. They were right. Every generation has a duty to uphold the Constitution or— quite literally— to die trying. Seas of white crosses in military cemeteries testify to that fact. Every citizen is responsible for doing his part, whatever the cost.

    Sadly, too few Americans have the slightest clue as to the heavy price of the freedoms they enjoy. Worse yet, too few are willing to make even the slightest sacrifice to preserve that freedom for themselves and their posterity.

    Once again, the Republic is in danger of collapsing into rubble. Once again, to paraphrase British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey (1862 – 1933), the lights of liberty may be snuffed out, not to be relit in our lifetimes.

    My hope is that a hundred years from now, Americans will still be lamenting that the republic is about to fall— because that will mean that it didn’t.


    How Not to Understand International Economics (it’s easy)

    by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

    I used to be so naïve that I actually thought that economics is understandable, at least by economists. Silly me. A simple reading of a newspaper is all it takes to set anyone straight on this matter.

    Take the European union, for example. You no doubt have read that Greece has been borrowing kazillions of euros from Germany and other European countries. You no doubt have read that Germany wants some assurance that some day it might get at least some of that money back. Silly Germans.

    In order to get that assurance, the Germans have asked the Greeks to stop spending zillions of Euros on exorbitant salaries for its government workers, to raise taxes to help pay off the debt, and in short, to stop throwing money around like drunken sailors (and please believe me when I say that I have the utmost respect for drunken sailors, because after all, they spend their own money, not Germany’s).

    Here is an unofficial wording, slightly edited, of the Greek position on the matter.

    Dear Germans: How dare you try to tell us what to do with your money? After all, it is your money, not ours. We don’t tell you what to do with our money that we never lend to you. So stop telling us what to do with the money you lend us. Stay out of your business, or else we will threaten not to pay you back— which of course, we can never do anyway. So there, take that, you big bad lenders of kazillions of Euros that we desperately need to delay our economic collapse for a few more days, after which we can never pay you back.

    There. Now you understand that there is no understanding of economics.

    You’re welcome.


    Death of a Republic

    by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

    Politics is often nothing more than a squabble. Sadly, this is what the Republican Party has become.

    Were you and I, along with a few of our closest friends, to start up a new corporation, we would quickly do one of two things. We would find a way to organize ourselves for a common purpose, or else, we would self-destruct as a corporation.

    Organizing ourselves would require that we select from among ourselves a leader, and also, a set of guiding principles by which the corporation is governed.

    Selecting a leader might become contentious, and once again, we would either select the best leader or self-destruct.

    Let’s say a particular number of us all wish to be the CEO, the chief executive officer, the leader. The competition could be very positive, or it could be destructive. We could each state our abilities, our vision and our plan, and let the other members decide who best meets the needs of the corporation. Or else, each of us could attempt to demean the others, to recruit members to our particular faction, and do intra-corporate battle, while watching the corporation degenerate into a squabble.

    It is discouraging to see the latter take place in the party which we hoped would implement conservative policies to restore constitutional government.

    Ronald Reagan’s principle of, never speak ill of a fellow Republican, has been discarded, much to the delight of the Democrat Party.

    Farewell, America. Alas, we knew ye well.