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    Our mission is to "Inform and Involve" via our forums for political coverage and commentary. We also hope to motivate and support efforts to encourage citizen involvement in our local and national leadership. We support our Constitution, as written and in its entirety. ~ Clio

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    Holiday Gift Idea: Obama-Wama Skates!


    Just Another Christmas?

    by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

    As a small child, I remember waking into that first magical Christmas morning when it was all about presents under the Christmas tree, my mother’s delicious cooking and the intensity with which I and my brothers played with our new toys.

    Then it was over. The brightly colored wrapping paper was cleaned away, the toys were no longer quite new, and the festive tree began to dry and die. It was, however, the first Christmas in which I was aware that there would someday be another Christmas.

    Someday took an awfully long time to arrive. As January slipped into February, Christmas became a distant memory. The only time the word was used, was in such phrases as, what are you waiting for? Christmas? Yes, next Christmas was so very far away that it seemed more theory than fact, more hope than promise.

    Over the coming years I became aware that Christmases seemed to come and go more rapidly than when I had been a small child. Today, they seem to zip by in a flurry. Yes, there was that first Christmas without Mom, and then without Dad. There was my daughter’s first Christmas and then her children’s first Christmases. Each one was special and unique, yet even so, they continued to stream by ever more quickly.

    One day, I had my second “First Christmas.” I had become an adult, a father and life had taken its toll on this fragile thing that once I had thought was a strong man. I was straight of back physically, but spiritually bent, weak, and in desperate need of something that no physical source could provide.

    I was in church. There was a small, traditional Christmas play with costumed children, a doll Jesus, and cardboard cutout sheep. Primitive as it may seem, this humble church service was, in my eyes, high drama, the very highest. I knew then that whatever I had lacked before in life, it was now placed before me for the taking. It was salvation from my worst enemy, myself. It was liberation from my own flaws and weaknesses, and most of all, from my own sins.

    The greatest of all Christmas gifts is Christmas itself. Only God can bestow it. May He lavish it upon each of you in great abundance!


    Happy Chanukah!

      … and May This Festival of Lights bring Blessings
    upon you and All Your Loved Ones for Happiness,
    for Health, and for Spiritual and Material Wealth,
    and May the Lights of Chanukah Usher in the Light of Moshiach
    and a Better World for All of Humankind.~
    Hanukkah blessing


    We wish our Jewish readers Chag Urim Sameach! as they celebrate the Festival of Lights.



    Merry Christmas?

    by Cap Black, Contributing Writer

    This is the Nazarene symbol Islamists thought would be a badge of shame (and a mark for ritual death) targeting Arab Christians! Instead, it’s become a symbol to Christians worldwide, Jews and righteous others who oppose genocidal religious bigotry!

    Against this back drop, aggravated by the treasonous lunacy of US Senator Dianne Feinstein's hatchet job report on CIA enhanced interrogation techniques and compounded by the recent death of a hostage taking, jihadi Iranian in Australia, I wonder just how merry Christmas 2014 will be?

    Far more than gift giving and random acts of kindness is the recognition that all we hold dear is held hostage by savages and sympathizers who feel Americans don't deserve to be merry about anything!

    Love each other this December 25th; cling tightly and resolve to defend them and America as your extended family, in the face of an enemy who isn't merry or merciful.

    So this Christmas, I have a question mark in mind as to how merry it will ultimately be.​

    Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is a contributor to The Bold Pursuit and an anti-crime activist in New Orleans.


    Hey! Look over here ... Torture Report!!


    Let’s Not Have a Discussion

    by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer 

    How many times, in the past few decades, have you heard someone say that, “We need to have a public discussion about ...,” about race, about gender, about any seemingly intractable problem in society?

    The problem is that too many advocates of so-called discussion intend not to discuss, but to lecture, to command, and to silence dissent. Their definition of discussion is for them to dictate socialist policy, and for you to obediently comply. The moment you sully their ideology with fact, you are branded as a racist, a homophobe, and a misogynist Neanderthal who desires to throw granny off a cliff.

    Here is a radical new idea. Let’s not have a discussion. Instead, let us boldly proclaim our principles, our ideals, and our policy positions. Let us do so despite the clamor of those who are offended by truth. Let us persist and persevere. Let us endure defamation and character assassination. Face it, these afflictions are going to occur in any case, in any case except our total surrender to the intolerable debauchery of the left.

    The Founding Fathers held discussions for years before the discussions came to an end, and independence was declared, followed by a bloody eight-year war in which defeat seemed inevitable almost throughout.

    We must regard ourselves as the founders of a restored republic, one which takes up the fallen flag of true human rights. We must advance that flag beyond the empty speeches of those who continually discuss. While they discuss, the republic crumbles.

    Consider the discussions that have failed ... failed because they were never honest to begin with. Let’s replace them with forthright declarations such as the following:

    Government is not the solution. Too often, government is the problem (President Ronald Reagan). That government is best which governs least (President Thomas Jefferson). The power to tax is the power to destroy (Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall).

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator . . . (Declaration of Independence). By their creator, not by the government.

    Poverty is not caused by race. Most poverty is caused by poverty-inducing and poverty-perpetuating behaviors. These behaviors are exacerbated by government policies which reward indolence, out-of-wedlock pregnancy, profligacy instead of thrift, and which induce a sense of entitlement instead of personal responsibility.

    Crime is not caused by poverty, but a criminal climate is created by the government policies cited in item #3.

    Equal opportunity is not advanced by enforcing equal outcomes. Life will never be entirely fair, but those who are treated unfairly can by effort and persistence overcome their circumstances, as so very many have in fact done. Government intervention almost always increases unfairness rather than reducing it.

    Education of children is the responsibility of parents, not of the teacher unions.

    The United States is founded upon the religious traditions of the Bible. 

    These statements, and the policies they produce, are but a beginning, the beginning of the restoration of the American republic to its highest ideals and potential. They are also the end— the end of the pretense of discussion.


    Don't Hate America - Great America!

    by Cap Black ~ Exclusive to The Bold Pursuit

    As flames, real and rhetorical, sweep across America in the wake of developments in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases, it's high time to demand we don't hate America, we great America?
    Far from a catchy phrase, it's an action affirmation to have us would-hostages to a riotous Left counter-attack culturally with the secular good news that America isn't a racist regime sending cops out to hunt down Black men.
    Peek at this picture, my American sisters and brothers,

    this skin tone didn't result from a tanning salon! ( lol ) I grew up nearly 50 years ago under Jim Crow-lite and know firsthand the very real and lasting progress this country has made in so-called race relations.
    America Is Run By Campus Revolutionaries is my recent video summing up the civilization-ending temper tantrum of overgrown adolescent progressives! When I say, " Don't hate America! Great America!, " I'm simply saying it's time for the adults of country to step up and stop the immaturity which threatens to destroy all we hold dear.
    The Left fills our streets with a rainbow coalition of rampaging radicals whose only purpose is to tear down this society!
    Those Americans who agree with me must reply, " Don't hate America! Great America! " in word, deed and especially as we sped toward the 2016 presidential elections, politically!
    The enemy is counting on you being too scared to stand up!
    I'm counting on you, while typing this post on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day ( Dec 7th. 2014 ), to stand up to these latest attacks on our values!
    Don't hate America! Great America!
    Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is a contributor to The Bold Pursuit; an anti crime activist in New Orleans and blogger at #Cap Black Is Here!


    Obama-Wama Flashback


    Abandon All Reason, Ye Who Enter Here

    by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

    In fiction, the sign above the entrance to Dante’s Inferno (Hell) says, “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” Perhaps there should be a sign over Ferguson, Missouri that reads, “Abandon all reason, ye who enter here.” Ferguson is, of course, being used in this instance only as a metaphor for the state of race relations in the United States; a hellish state in which it seems that reason has been abandoned in favor of raw emotion.

    Ideally, when it is suspected that a crime may have been committed, the general population will demand the facts, and they will base their opinion on those facts. Ideally, the physical evidence will be weighed and the testimony of eye witnesses and experts will be reviewed. In most cases, a broad consensus will be reached, justice will be applied, and people will be satisfied with the outcome.

    Every once in awhile, a confluence of events will demolish that ideal, and replace it with rage. Those events include conflicting testimony that sets the stage for confusion, but the stage itself, in Ferguson, is the underlying sense among African-Americans that they are being oppressed by white supremacists who control the power structure.

    Pundits and analysts are struggling to find a remedy for this situation, but there is no remedy. When the general public rejects reason and embraces emotion, it will also reject any proposed remedy.

    Fortunately, it is only a minority of people, all races included, who resort to violence at the drop of the proverbial hat. Unfortunately, those few create enormous damage, and incite in other people a degree of support for that damage.

    Most of us who in our daily lives interact with people of various races will not personally show, nor receive, animosity. We, of all races, are too busy for that, busy at our jobs, busy supporting our families, and busy trying to make a better society. Indeed, one wonders what occupies the daily lives of those who throw flaming bottles of gasoline at the police. At least one recent case involved persons plotting to bomb the famous St Louis arches – they were buying explosives with EBT cards, money provided for the purpose of helping people on welfare. There is a tragic irony in that.

    No less ironic is the tragedy that the riots in Ferguson hurt people who were utterly innocent in any aspect of the incident that precipitated the violence. Store owners who served the community, including merchants who are African-American, were victimized by looters and arsonists.

    Riot control is no longer a mystery, no longer an art, but is actually a science. It is doubly tragic, therefore, that this science was not applied in Ferguson. Individual policemen are trained in how to handle themselves in a sudden crisis situation involving an armed criminal. This training is based on past experiences, many of which were fatal to police officers. On the larger scale, society by now has accumulated much experience with riots, and there are examples of what works and what does not.

    The dynamics of mobs are understood well enough that the state and local governments in Ferguson could have mitigated much of the violence. There are a few individuals who are the leaders and instigators of violence. These people can be identified and detained before they can escalate the violence to crisis proportions. When violence is expected, the public can be warned, the rioters can be warned, and law enforcement can be strategically deployed to defuse the situation and keep it minimal... Innocent people deserve no less than this.

    Attempting to reason with unreasonable people is futile.

    Explaining facts to people who ignore facts is useless. Logic cannot solve illogical problems.

    Strategy and tactics are what is needed, and those are available in published form. Rudolph Giuliani applied them with excellent results when he was mayor of New York City. Government officials who ignore them are in dereliction of duty.

    Race relations may be Hell, but if so, this is one Hell that need not burn.


    Obama-Wama-Ding-Dong Holiday Recap


    Satire “We Held These Truths to be Self-Evident” a few hundred years ago…" (reposted, 2009)

    Future address by Barack Hussein Obama ... (Hypothetical)

    by Clio

    “We Held These Truths to be Self-Evident” a few hundred years ago…

    My fellow citizens, today I want to discuss a sensitive, but vastly overdue issue regarding the celebrated paperwork which gave a few power hungry individuals the right, in their minds, to overthrow a genial government and entrench themselves firmly in this place we call “America.”

    The intellect and zeal of this country’s “Founding Fathers” was the driving force when the rebellious Colonies, in a rude and ungrateful manner, sought to sever ties with their homeland and a beloved King and his Parliament. King George, who was, as we all will agree, right in his opinion that the government must tax the people to make them feel included in their government, a fair and tolerant leader.

    It is important to remember that our nation’s first “leaders” acted illegally to create a new world order on the shores of a country that was, before the arrival of a few land-grabbing and disease-ridden white people, the rightful home of peaceful and generous Native Americans.

    The “pilgrims,” more aptly called belligerent ex-pats, disembarked on these shores still clinging to their muskets and whining about “freedom of religion.” Their humble indigenous hosts shared the wealth of their bounty to keep these malcontents from starving through their first season on foreign soil. The pilgrims showed their appreciation by introducing the Indians to the business end of a musket and infecting them with sexually transmitted diseases. I’m certain that if those innocent Indians had any idea of how their hospitality would be repaid, they would have told the Pilgrims to go get “stuffed” – like a turkey.

    After many years, the interlopers from Great Britain were able to thoroughly ensconce themselves on this land, arrogantly laid claim to it and went about decimating many tribes of native people. The British government sought to control these unruly trespassers by establishing a governing body to oversee the collection of taxes and administer the rule of law. However, the desire of corrupt colonials for domination and control was overwhelming; thus began the riots and eventual revolt.

    As you know, the violent deeds of the Rebellion were legitimized by the so-called “Declaration of Independence” – a manuscript penned by rebels that gave license to their sympathizers to do great harm to any who stood in the way of their “cause.”

    One must acknowledge the enduring impact of the so-called “Founding Fathers” and their propaganda. Even today, the indoctrination of adoration of their antique rules and regulations is taught to society’s most impressionable and innocent citizens: our children. Mere toddlers are coerced into memorizing and pledging allegiance to a piece of cloth which features bright red stripes – symbolic of the blood the trespassers freely and proudly shed in order to evict our benevolent British governance, as well as virtually annihilate the native inhabitants and rightful owners of this territory.

    Every year on July 4th, Americans glamorize the terrorist bombings that took place during the upheaval of the presiding government by setting off elegant displays of fireworks. Those ancient acts of violence are further trumpeted in an awkwardly phrased composition, “The Star-Spangled Banner.” This anthem commemorates those riots and pays tribute to the survival of the flag, that blood-drenched rag and the chosen emblem of the new nation.

    The acts of brutality and entitlement that we glorify in song and vows are almost without equal; history remembers few individuals with such a brazen gluttony for power. Alexander the Great, Adolf Hitler and Attila the Hun would have been comfortable in the company of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and the other conspirators of the so-called “American Revolution.”

    We find ourselves, today, still bowing and scraping before faded scraps of antiquity; the aforementioned Declaration and the Bill of Rights; pieces of parchment filled with the egotistical rantings of men (where were the women?) who lusted for control, influence and privilege. Dogmatists such as John and Samuel Adams, William Whipple and Caesar Rodney wrote well, so history anointed them with praise for their penmanship (note: John Hancock – his name is a synonym for elegant script).

    It is fair to call these radicals usurpers and bigots; after all, they were British citizens in residence upon land that was inhabited by many tribes of indigenous people.

    This country’s original residents lived amicably in communal groups. As a former community organizer, I can appreciate the way these “true” Americans lived and worked together for the greater good of the group. If we look to the past for a blueprint for American life, one can do no better than to emulate tribal life and its focus on sharing its tasks, as well as wealth with each member, equally.

    However, this is a new day and a new, progressive and genial America. While many still worship the fading scratches of the feathered quills of early supremacists, I believe it is time for these United States to be released from the emotional bondage of words written almost three hundred years ago and begin a new chapter of history, one which addresses the collective needs of our society.

    I hereby authorize the formation of a committee to analyze our economic and social organizations, evaluate the efficacy of our current distribution of goods, capital and compensation and create a document that defines the fundamental aspects of our hard-working populace.

    This new American manuscript will not reside in a museum or place of worship; it will be available to all, taught to our children in schools and stocked in every library, coast to coast. I encourage all citizens to keep a copy in their homes – even upon one’s person for reference and contemplation.

    I envision our new codex of community involvement and civil obedience as a practical guide for American life. I know you’ll support me in this endeavor to create a manual for a kind and fair America; one that doesn’t praise the efforts of insurrectionists or religious fanatics, but acknowledges the importance of working together and sharing our wealth.

    As we continue to rectify and apologize for the mistakes of the past and look toward a more appreciative America, other changes must be made to atone for past indiscretions. For example, to reflect this country’s new emphasis on fairness and focus on wealth management, the Capitol Building will be renamed the “Worker’s Representation Convention Center.”

    Let me conclude today’s address with one more task: my next act as your president will likely be difficult for the older, less productive generation of American’s to accept, however, in order for this country to start a new era of contrition and healing, we must part ways with the past and discard the term “United States of America.” Too many people associate that name with rebellious acts, terrorism and persecution, in fact, the mere mention of the name “United States,” is cause for aggravation, resentment and unhappiness for foreigners around the world. Henceforth, this country is the “Collective Republics of the Northern Hemisphere” (CRNH).

    May the fictitious deity of your choice approve of our Collective Republics of the Northern Hemisphere!

    © 2009, The Bold Pursuit, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


    The Federalist: Political Principles v Political Behavior  

    It’s Time To Exercise the Legislative “Veto”

    And funding a constitutional government worth funding.

    By David Corbin and Matt Parks

    The apoplectic and apocalyptic will scoff at the suggestion that this past week’s executive amnesty could help fuel a partial revitalization of our republic. So why is there room for optimism that something can be done–and what?

    President Obama’s threatened and now announced executive amnesty has, not for the first time, drawn pundits, politicians, and the American people, Left and Right, back to the Constitution to reflect on what, exactly, the president and Congress are supposed to do. That, in and of itself, is a good thing–an indication that, at some level, we all still recognize the need to square our political behavior with our (collective) political principles... Please continue reading It’s Time To Exercise the Legislative “Veto” on TheFederalist.com

    This excerpt is published with permission - a special thank you to our friends at TheFederalist.com 

    David Corbin is a Professor of Politics and Matthew Parks an Assistant Professor of Politics at The King’s College, New York City. They are co-authors of “Keeping Our Republic: Principles for a Political Reformation” (2011). You can follow their work on Twitter or Facebook.